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How to Detect a Fake or Counterfeit Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA Charger?

All laptops are purchased with their own adapter and charger included in the package. However, if the original charger stops working or gets damaged, you will find yourself needing to look for a new one to replace the original. Also, there are some users who prefer to have two laptop charger for emergency or for use when travelling. Whatever your reason for buying a Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA AC adapter is, you will quickly realize that not all laptop chargers are the same.

Today, the market is flooded with both original as well as counterfeit laptop chargers and even more worrying counterfeit laptop adapters. It therefore becomes quite difficult to distinguish between an original and a fake laptop charger. Fortunately, it is easy to identify a counterfeit laptop charger.

Counterfeit adapters are light in weight

Most of the fake laptop adapters are light in weight when compared with an original adapter. This is probably because low quality material is used to make the inner components. Also the plastic outer body may be of extremely low quality.

The price

Thought the price of Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA charger has reduced considerably in the recent past, it still remains quite high ranging from $80-$135 depending on the type of laptop. However, this is not the case with counterfeit charger, you will find one costing as low as $50. Do not let the price attract you as you may be buying a fake laptop charger, which can even damage your laptop.

Incorrect spelling on the labels

This may sound ridiculous but it is true. Since English is not the native language of the these Chinese factories, you will find that the English words on the adapter label are misspelled. For example, the words Safety mark’ may be written as safity Make’. Check the charger you are about to buy for such errors as they are not easily seen.

Also, you may notice that the labels on the laptop charger are less glossy than those on the original Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA power supply. This is because while all production processes are automated in original OEM factories, counterfeit laptop chargers are manually made and this includes making the labels and sticking them on the adapter body.

Lastly, if you doubt if the charger you are buying is original or fake, you can contact a computer accessory expert to analyze it for you. The above guide will ensure that you only buy an original Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA charger.

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