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Follow These Tips and Use Your Sony VGP-AC19V50 Power Supply Wisely

I have a very old laptop from Sony and until this time I never got any problem with its charger or power supply. However, I know few other people that always get problem with their laptop adapter and I feel they get this problem because they use it in an improper manner. But I am sure that if people will use their laptop adapter with a good way, then they can get very long life from it and following are few suggestions that can help you in it.

Have proper power source: In order to get long life from your charger for Sony VGP-AC19V50, it is one of the most important thing that you plug it only with a good power source. Here, good power source stand for a power socket that does not have any kind of damage or short circuit in it. Also, you need to make sure that you do not plug your adapter with any power source that is giving fluctuating voltage.

Take good care of its cable: Many time people do not take proper care of their adapter cable and because of that they end up having a non working laptop adapter. That means if you want to use your Sony VGP-AC19V50 AC Adapter for a very long time, then you have to take good care of its laptop cable. Also, keep the adapter cable away from all sharp objects and materials so you can use it without damaging the cable.

Pack it properly: If you will not pack your Sony power supply properly, then also it will increase the chances of damage in your adapter. And if you do not know how to pack it properly, then simply try to keep it in a separate pocket so its cables do not get tangled with other cables. Also, when you roll it, role it in round shape only without making any sharp edges or folding marks in it.

Use it gently: Along with all the above suggestions, it is also very important that you use your Sony VGP-AC19V50 power supply gently. That means do not use force for plugging or removing it from your power supply. Also, try not to drop it on earth or hard surface because that can also create some damage in it and you may break its internal circuits that can reduce its life by damaging your laptop adapter as well.

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