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Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 AC Adapter – Your Top Choice

The Li-ion Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 AC adapter is made of high quality material, uniquely and safely designed to allow you to easily pack it along with your machine. For the last decade or so, Sony has had a reputation as an economy range brand whose products are designed with the competitiveness of prices in mind.


The Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 AC adapter has an input of: AC 100-240V ~ 2.5A 50/60Hz and an Output of: DC 19.5V, 3.5A, 60W". It comes with a 12 month replacement warranty. The power supply also has an 8 output connections of different sizes and has a long lifespan. Prior to using your adapter it is prudent to ensure that both the voltage and the connector of your original charger perfectly match with one of the available voltages and connections of the general charger.


So, how can you find the right Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 AC charger for your Notebook?

If you want to know if a Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 adapter is guaranteed to work with your machine then you need to check its OEM’s part number. The part number is usually printed on the charger’s label. You can also check the laptop’s model number in the compatible list in the user manual. This information is very necessary when purchasing a replacement adapter for your laptop.


The Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 AC adapter is precision-engineered and rigorously tested for its safety, efficiency, capacity, voltage and compatibility. The adapter has a perfectly sealed design and style for much better protection against high dampness and moisture. The adapter complies with a range of FCC, UL, CE and RoHS certifications. Inside the adapter is a safety capability, which will help you avoid voltage fluctuations, spikes and surges. As if that is not enough, the marvelous charger has a rugged case that is capable of withstanding the harshest mobile movements.


The Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2 power supply is made to work seamlessly with all the Sony laptop models, something that cannot be said of the most of generic laptop AC adapters available in the market today. The fact that it is compatible with all the Sony laptops enables it to provide better use of energy and give your battery an improved protection irrespective of the laptop model you use since it will not interfere with the normal functioning of the battery in any way.


Try as much as you can to avoid short-circuiting your battery as this may result into a severe damage to, not only the battery itself, but also the Sony adapter. Though the power supply itself employs “short-circuit” auto-turn off for maximum protection, any risk might render your power system useless.


Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V2AC charger