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What You Should Know About a Smart TV Box

smart TV box will allow you access the internet and stream contents live and access your favorite websites, catch up TV and even play games. In simpler terms, a smart TV box will turn your ordinary TV to a smart TV. Very many smart TV boxes are available in the market but none has been able to match the features and functionality of Android TV Box especially the HDMI M6 Smart TV Box and Android 4.2 Digital Player. This article discusses all about these smart TV boxes.

You should first consider the price of the TV box before purchasing one. It is possible to get an Android TV box as cheap as $50. However, most such cheap TV boxes have limited functions. The best android TV boxes capable of performing almost all functions go for around $100.


It should have the best choice of content. This is a TV box that will allow you access all the services that you need.

It should be simple to set it up and to use.

Those TV boxes with no Wi-Fi should allow for cabled or wireless internet connections.

A good TV box should also allow you to connect with your home network. It should allow you wirelessly connect to other devices such as your PC for easy streaming contents to your TV.

Features of the Android 4.2 Digital Player

The android 4.2 digital payer will allow you to access all your android apps on your TV big screen.

It has a powerful Dual Core CPU of 2.0 GHZ and a Mali 400 quadcore graphic processor.

The device will also supports all forms of airplay, Wi-Fi, miracasts, D.L.N.A and directly read files from USB drive, SDHC memory card and from a S.A.T.A drive. In addition to all this, the device will also stream contents from the internet.

It is simple to set up and very easy to use by everyone.

It is also accompanied by a remote to allow you control it at your convenience.

It is surely a must have for everyone.

Features of the HDMI M6 Smart TV Box

This TV box has almost the same features as the android 4.2 digital player with the following additions.

It is android 4.0 operated and will allow you to access the android market and download your favorite apps.

It is accompanied by a HDMI cable that will allow you connect to the HDMI port of your TV.

It offers with a variety of international language so that you can select your favorite.

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