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Keep Your Electronic Devices Charged Using the HTC Rechargeable Battery

HTC Rechargeable Batteries are a great backup to your HTC mobile phone. This external battery offers an amazing option when your HTC battery runs out of charge. It is compatible with other mobile phones alongside HTCs, offering you an extended incentive. It can perfectly recharge a range of iPhones, an iTouch, any Blackberry, an iPod, alongside many other electronic devices with USB connections.

This is a lithium ion battery and has a capacity of 2600mAh. It helps you charge your phone safely when you aren’t close to a power outlet. It is small enough to enable you to carry it along with you with such amazing ease.

Features of the Amazing HTC Power bank

This HTC Power bank has awe-inspiring features which enable it to keep your HTC battery charged all the time. The following are some of the special features of the rechargeable battery.

LED Indicator

An LED indicator has been included in this device. Its purpose is to let you know of the charge status of the HTC battery while it charges, and also let you know of the amount of power remaining in the battery. You are therefore able to estimate the amount of time your battery will require to be fully charged, or how much usage will drain the battery completely.

Built-In Short Circuit

The HTC external battery has a short circuit built inside it to ensure that temperatures do not rise to catastrophic level when batteries charge. This ensures total protection for your battery. The short circuit also ensures that batteries do not overcharge. This mechanism also protects your device’s battery from any damage that can be caused by overcharging. The charging process is halted as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Easy to Recharge

The HTC external battery can be easily recharged using a cable included in the package when you purchase it. This can be done either through a computer, a normal wall charger, a laptop, or a car charger.

USB HTC battery pack

The external battery has USB and micro-USB interfaces to enable it charge other devices. You can therefore use it to charge other devices with ports compatible with what is provided on the external battery.


The traditional system of carrying a portable HTC charger is now almost a thing of the past due to this amazing piece of innovation. Besides, your HTC mobile phone or other devices compatible with this external battery can still serve you even when you go to places with no power outlets.


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