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How to Find an Ideal HP ProBook 4510s Battery and Adapter?

When you buy a laptop, one of the most important things that you consider is the amount of time that it takes for your battery to finally run out before you have to plug it in to a power source. It can be either be a convenience or a nuisance depending on the battery life of your computer.

The HP ProBook 4510s battery is a durable and effective battery for your laptop. You will not have to work with your laptop connected to your charger all day. The battery’s main strengths and selling points include:

•     In terms of power, it carries 14.4 volts.

•     It is a 8 cell battery, it operates on lithium ion technology

•     It has a capacity of 4400 milliamps per hour or 4400mAh.

Quality guaranteed

From the information given above, the battery has a high capacity meaning that it is powerful and can be used for long hours. It is also very energetic, this is to say that, the compound Lithium is very reactive and it can store lots of energy in its atomic bonds. The infusion of this element in the manufacturing process is ideal in securing as much battery life as possible. It is the ideal battery for HP ProBook 4510s and its compatibility with so many other HP laptop brands makes it versatile and dependable.

The battery takes a minimum of 15 minutes to charge and a maximum of 20 minutes to charge it. In case, the battery encounters a major problem, there is no cause for worry, it has a replacement battery that is as good as the original. You can get the replacement battery the same place that you bought your laptop.

Time to Charge

It is impossible to have such a dependable battery without having an equally suitable adapter for the purposes of charging. After long hours of using the laptop, your HP ProBook battery needs to be juiced up. The HP ProBook 4510s adapter comes with an adequately lengthy power cord. It has a power with a capacity of 230 Watts with an output of 19.5 Volts and 11.8 Amps. It has a 12 year warranty like the battery. The adapter is not weak and does not easily get ruined by a power surge, it is capacitated to handle high amounts of power, this means that your laptop will be secure.

Why HP ProBook 4510s

You can bet that the 4510s battery and its adapter are what you need for the safety, durability and energy needs of your laptop. That translates tasks being completed on time and watching your favourite movies and other media without interruptions.

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