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Three Attributes to Notice When Buying a Replacement HP Pavilion DV3 Battery

Which attributes should one keep in mind, when looking to buy the best replacement HP Pavilion DV3 battery or HP Pavilion DV3 adapter for a laptop computer? If you have researched well, both offline and online, and narrowed down on the best store that sells authentic HP Pavilion replacement accessories, you should pay attention to the type of battery for HP Pavilion DV3 that is on offer, its chemistry, and capacity. This article talks about the foregoing attributes in detail, to help you make an informed decision, the next time you go out shopping. Battery type When you go out shopping, or log into your computer and browse the catalogue of HP Pavilion DV3 battery packs that are on offer in your favorite virtual store, you will come across three major types of battery for HP Pavilion DV3; branded/original batteries, compatible, and re-manufactured batteries for HP Pavilion laptops. Of the three, which kind of HP battery is the best? Many ask. Branded, also known as original batteries are the best of the bunch. They originate from HP’s manufacturing plant, where experienced engineers and handy men/women develop them, using stringent safety and production guidelines. Compatible batteries are from HP’s subsidiaries. Many people consider them to be of high quality, due to the stringent safety and performance guidelines HP expects its subsidiaries to abide by during production. They are also cheaper than branded designs are, and are readily available in hundreds of web-based stores. Re-manufactured batteries are the cheapest of the bunch. You can get these originally dead batteries at almost half the price of compatible or branded ones. Their only problem is that they have a shorter lifespan and commonly fail without warning. If you have the financial muscle, and or want the best for your laptop, consider buying a branded or compatible HP Pavilion battery. If money is a big problem however, buying a re-manufactured battery is a good decision. Battery chemistry HP Pavilion DV3 battery packs are attainable in two major chemistry's; nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) and Lithium ion (Li-ion). Nickel metal hydride is an older chemistry among the two. Manufactures used it in the early years of computer development mainly because of its low production costs and high safety ratings. Batteries for HP Pavilion DV3 made of this chemistry however, had charge memory issues that lowered their efficiency and longevity significantly. HP batteries made of lithium ion cells are the best in the industry. Laptop batteries made of this material are safe and powerful, are low maintenance, and lack serious charge memory issues. Battery Capacity The capacity of a battery for HP Pavilion DV3 is an indicator of the amount of time your laptop will work optimally, when powered using battery charge. Overall, before spending money on any battery for Pavilion DV3 laptop, ensure that it is original and of the highest capacity possible. Article Source: For more information about HP Pavilion DV3 Battery, please go to Thank you!