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Want to Get More from Your HP Laptop Battery G6033EA?

HP Laptop Battery G6033EA does not normally come on the cheap. This is why, once you have purchased your machine with it, you must use it carefully to ensure that it serves you for longer. There are a couple of simple things you can do to prolong your computer battery life, and get it to serve you a lot longer. They are explained below.


Tip #1: Starting Off Right

HP G6033EA battery can be made to last longer just by ensuring that you start off the right way. After unpacking the new machine and fixing the battery, the first thing you need to do is to connect to it to the mains supply. Sometimes, the HP G6033EA battery indicator may show that it is full. Disregard this and charge it for 5-7 hours. After this, unplug it from the wall and use it until it is fully drained. Charge it again until it is 100% full. Drain it to zero again. The battery will only be ready to use after 3 full charges.


Tip#2: Turn the light off

Battery for HP G6033EA is drained off the fastest when the display is on. If you want it to last longer per charge, then you have no option but to reduce the amount of light.


Tip 3: Tame Windows

HP adapter can be pretty much wasted by several programs that Windows and other Operating Systems have that keep scanning files, checking for updates and performing tasks which you know nothing about. All these activities will access your computer’s hard drive and subsequently affect the charge of your battery. Disable the services by clicking on the Start button, All Programs, then choose Accessories, select System Tools and then Scheduled Tasks. If there is any scheduled tasks that you may want to disable, right-click on it and select Properties. Go to the Settings tab and to Power Management. Instruct the computer not to start the task should the computer be running on battery.


Tip #4: Turn off the hardware you are not using

HP laptop battery may not last long if at all times, your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio are turned on. This is because these devices run on the battery. Any other application that you are not using should also be turned off to avoid wasting your battery for no reason.



Battery for HP G6033EA can last a lot longer if the above simple measures are adhered to. They won’t cost you anything to do, but will ensure that you have longer times between each battery charge.



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