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HP Laptop Battery CQ50-100 and Other Accessories Overview

A HP laptop battery CQ50-100 can last for more than 400 charging cycles or for a period of 2-3 years. To be specific, the duration an HP CQ50-100 battery can power a laptop computer depends on three attributes. These are the capacity, the chemistry, and the usage habits.


The capacity attributes determines the duration that a battery for HP CQ50-100 will power your laptop computer through the type and number of cells being used in the pack. Different HP laptop batteries contain different types and number of cells in their packs. For example, if you are using an HP CQ50-100 laptop battery that comprises eight cells of 3.4 voltages, it will definitely last for a longer time than one with five cells of the same voltage.


The chemistry attributes on the other hand also determines a lot when it comes to the duration your HP CQ50-100 battery will power your HP laptop computer. Over the years, HP laptop manufacturers have been improving the battery chemistry. Basically, a battery pack that contains lithium ion cells can power your laptop for longer duration than their counterparts such as nickel-based cells can.


The usage habits attribute also determines how bad or good the HP CQ50-100 is used, which depicts the duration that battery will last. For instance, if you frequently use your HP laptop computer for a longer time, while it's always connected to the power source, and at the same time being multi-tasked with several external accessories such as mouse, keyboard, DVD drives just to mention a few, your laptop battery will definitely degrade at a faster rate, making it easier to fail before its lifespan time.


When charging your HP laptop battery, it’s important to use an HP adapter. This is to avoid under or over supplying your battery with power from the source. If this happens, it will make your batteries degrade very fast and even affecting some of your internal computer components.


It’s easy and simple to prolong the life of an HP battery for CQ50-100. Obviously all battery packs of different types of HP computers degrade with time. If you want to lower their degradation to make it work for a longer time, there are specific things that you need to do. This is to ensure that your HP laptop computer contains sufficient RAM. Low memory makes it hard to load software or process, using more battery energy thus lowering its life. It’s therefore important to ensure your laptop works efficiently to save more battery energy. Shutting or removing junk programs from your CPU can also help improve your laptop battery life. They heighten the CPU cycles making it to produce excess heat, which kills your battery for HP CQ50-100 faster.



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