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How to Make the Power of a Battery for Dell Vostro 3400 Last Longer?

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You can now power your Dell laptop using a Dell Vostro 3400 laptop battery. This laptop battery has a capacity of 90 WHr and it allows you to work flawlessly when you are on the move for vacations and business trips. This amazing battery gives you a reliable and uninterrupted performance that you need. It has been tested and approved to be used on Dell systems. Dell technical support supports it to be used on the dell system. It is compatible in the following systems: Vostro 3700, Vostro 3500 and Vostro 3400.


How to make the power of a battery last longer

You can make your battery for Dell Vostro 3400 to run longer on your laptop by turning off or reducing or the things that consume power in your computer. If you are travelling, use the following tips to help the power of your battery last longer:


If you do not plan to access the internet connection or your network, make sure that you switch off the wireless card.


If you are not using your volume, mute it or turn the volume down.


If you are using the laptop in an area that is well lit like in the outdoors, reduce the brightness of the screen to either two or three bars.


To avoid draining the power of your Dell Vostro 3400 battery, disable the Bluetooth when you are not using it.


Learn to single task

Instead of opening multiple applications at the same time, use only the one that you need at a particular time and close the rest to save on power usage. Also, close any application that may be running in the background of your laptop like the USB hard drive backup software or your PDA syncing software.


Run application on your laptop that do not use much processing power, disk drive or RAM. You may use basic text editor instead of Microsoft word. In addition, avoid applications like movies or games as they use a lot of battery power.


Avoid too high temperature. This is because laptop batteries rely on basic chemistry and it will die quickly at high temperatures. Use your laptop in a cool room with low temperature.


When you are not using the laptop, hibernate or shut it down instead of leaving it on standby mode to save on battery power.



Dell Vostro 3400 adapter is made using very high quality materials. It has been tested, certified and it meet with all the specification of OFM. Its features include a laptop safeguard against short circuit, incorrect voltage and internal overheating. It comes with a twelve months warranty.