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How to Get a Longer Life from Your Dell Latitude E6510 Battery?

Few days back, my friend came to my house and he started complaining about his Dell Latitude E6510 battery. He told me that he always gets some problem in his laptop battery and because of that he need to buy a new battery in every three months. This was surprising news for me because I also have the same laptop and I never got any issue in my laptop battery in such short time. After that I asked him about his usage method and I found he make following three major mistakes that reduce the life of his laptop battery and I would suggest you not to make the same mistake with your laptop.

Improper handling: When I talked about it, then I realized that my friend carries his laptop in a backpack that is not designed for any kind of laptop. Because of this improper bag his battery for Dell Latitude E6510 gets so many shocks or hard impacts that not only damage the laptop but reduce the battery life as well. If I talk about my usage method, I always carry my laptop in a laptop bag with enough padding and I make sure it does not get any hard impact on the laptop.

Improper power adapter: I also noticed that my friend was using a very old Dell Latitude E6510 adapter that was damaged tool. I don’t have any issue with old adapter, but I don’t have this issue only if it is in proper working condition. The laptop adapter that my friend was using was not in proper shape and this kind of Dell Latitude E6510 adapter always creates some problem in laptop batteries. I am saying this because I got the same problem once in my laptop battery and since that time I stopped using a faulty charger with my laptop.

Not using battery: Few people might find it surprising, but when I talked more with my friend, I realized that he uses his Dell Latitude E6510 adapter battery only when he goes out of his home. At other times, it remains connected with the power adapter. If you will never use your laptop battery, then it will lose is charging and backup capacity and eventually it will become useless for you. I also work from my home, but I discharge my laptop at least once in every 15 days and this discharging and charging keeps my laptop battery alive and I gave the same suggestion to my friend as well.

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