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Dell Latitude E6410 Battery Features and Specifications

Dell laptops have been used over the years because they are good, reliable and effective. They are high-end laptops and desktops that can be used at home or at the office. Dell laptops are quite popular because they are quite affordable, and you get excellent support for your machine during the first year, as they have great customer service. Dell has been upgrading its products over the years, and so far I would recommend the Dell Latitude E6410 machine. This laptop has been proven to be very durable and secure and it is very stylish. Today I want to focus on the Dell Latitude E6410 battery and adapter. The following are the advantages of its battery as compared to the other Dell machines:

· Higher Capacity: its battery is of a higher capacity as compared to the other dell machines; to be specific it has a 9 cell battery as compared to the 6 cell battery, which the other machines have.

· Battery life and power consumption: A friend of mine owns the following laptop and for sure when I used it, I was amazed by the battery life. The machine has a battery life of about 7 hours, and also I realized that its power consumption is about 10-12 watts.

One of the most important components of a laptop is the laptop adapter. A battery for Dell Latitude E6410 can only last for a few hours, and that is why you require a power adapter. For example you have travelled with your laptop and are in the middle of an important assignment, then your laptop goes off, you require the laptop adapter. You just plug your adapter into the wall socket and your battery will start charging. The Dell Latitude E6410 adapter is quite effective and the following are some of the advantages of the adapter:

· Safety: The adapter is very safe as it uses low voltage. You don’t want to cause an electric fire; the adapter is known to have 65-90 wattage which is extremely safe.

· Reduced heat supply: With the Dell Latitude E6410 adapter you have reduced heat supply since it’s an external entity altogether.

· Weight reduction: With the adapter you can unplug it and carry it separately. For example if you are travelling you will definitely have an easier time carrying your laptop.

· Easy Replacement: With an external adapter it can easily be replaced when spoilt. Adapters are very likely to be damaged very easily, when this happens you can easily replace it, without necessary having a technician opening up your laptop.

The Dell E6410 Latitude is just the machine you require as it is not only stylish, but it has a longer battery life and an external adapter which is safe for use, be it at home or at the office.

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Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Battery and Adapter

Technology has literally taken over most things in the world and this has created the need for everyone to keep up lest they become irrelevant. This explains why there is gadget craze and everyone is trying to get the latest versions. Technology just like all other things has its fair share of challenges and since a huge population consists of people who are only familiar with the user interface, other problems like types of laptop batteries and adapters might faze them. When choosing a laptop, one considers many factors which include screen size, processor, memory, design, keyboard, compatibility and connectivity and most importantly battery life.


The battery is crucial as without it the machine cannot work and depending on the nature of one’s work, poor battery life might greatly affect productivity. Of the many computer companies, dell has always produced quality PCs and their accessories and when it comes to the Dell Latitude E6410 laptop battery, they have maintained the high quality. The battery life of this laptop is one factor that has made any customers happy. The E6410 battery life also expectedly surpasses that of the latitude E6400. This battery also supports express charge TM. The manufacturer claims that this function enables the battery to charge very quickly at a rate of around 80% per hour which is very convenient but leaves the question of fat battery degradation unanswered. The good thing however one can easily disable this function in the BIOS. The battery also lacks a bay battery option however it has a button that when pressed indicates the remaining charge LEDs illuminates.


Finding a battery for Dell Latitude E6410 laptops is quite easy as it has several options which are also compatible with other laptops. The standard battery however ranges from the standard 4 cell which can be upgraded to the 12 cell battery slice. Adapters are equally important. A dell adapter ensures that your gadgets are protected from electricity by regulating the amount of current passing through the battery. The adapters are also long enough making it easier for one to work further from the sockets. They also get warm while in use but this is no reason to worry as they are made of durable wires making them last for long. A dell charger has two parts, that is the one that links the Dell Latitude E6410 adapter to a socket and the other connects it to the laptop. That said; unplug adapters from the power supply when not in use and also use up all charge in a battery before recharging so as to maximize the life of the battery.

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