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Review on Dell Latitude E6400 AC Adapter

Dell Latitude E6400 is a laptop that is available as an update of D630. This is the one that is capable of providing all the features that are necessary for you. The laptop has core 2 duo processor, host of security, durability features and with longer battery life. There are various factors in the design of the laptop that has replaced the aesthetic look and feel of the laptop. It is a notebook with excellent features that can provide all the features that are required for the users. Dell Latitude E6400 AC adapter is also available with this laptop.



The dimension of this laptop is 13.2x9.4x1.0 inches and it has weight of about 5.6 pounds. The lid of the machine is about 14.1 inch thin and is available in two different colours that include regatta blue and regal red. The body of the laptop is that of magnesium alloy which provides the laptop with a sturdy look along with the hinges that are silver in colour. The display of the laptop has about 14.1 inches in size with the display that is quiet bright and appealing. The keyboard that is available with this laptop can provide you with excellent experience in typing. The keys available in the laptop are springy and firm. The responsive pointing stick that is available between the keys G & H is an alternative available instead of a small touchpad. There are buttons available that are meant for lowering and raising volume. The button is also available for muting the volume.


Powershare and Ports

There are various outlets and ports available in the laptop for various amenities in the Dell Latitude E6400 charger. There are four different USB ports, display ports, Ethernet, firewire and moden available with this laptop. The memory card reader, the microphone jacks and headphones are available with the laptop.


Performance of Hard Drive and CPU

The processor that is available with the laptop is of type Intel core 2 duo processor and has RAM with the capacity of 2GB. There is a possibility for working with the Google docs and also with chat along with colleagues. The boot time of Latitude is much good. There is a possibility for adding additional memory to the latitude. It may take only 53 seconds in gaining control after the power is turned on. In the case of other notebooks, they may take one minute or more amount of time for booting.


Graphics and WIFi Performance

The graphics card that is available with this laptop can provide the speed of 20 frames every second during the auto detection mode. There is possibility for adding graphic card with more functionality for providing more punch to the graphics that is available with the laptop.


The WiFi available with the laptop can also be of greater performance and can push the data with a rate that of 16.0 Mbps. There is nothing wrong in spending more from the connection. There is possibility for surfing web with a speed that is much high. The Dell Latitude E6400 power supply can be available with the laptop for charging it well.


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