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How to Choose a Dell Latitude D630 Adapter and Battery for Your Laptop?

When buying a computer especially Dell computers it is important that consideration regarding the power supply parameter be made. The computer power appliances need to be accessible and standardized to both the input parameters and the computer power needs. Dell Latitude D630 comes with a Dell Latitude D630 AC adapter and battery for the Dell laptop. The laptop AC adapter is replaceable in the event of damage or loss. The adapter is available in various forms in its original form.


The D630 battery is compatible with Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D630, and Dell Precision M2300 models. The Dell AC adapter can charge the mentioned computers as well. Moreover, the charger has a range of power supply that it can fit. The charger can thus be used in various sockets of varied power supply provided they do not exceed the limits of the charger.


The original battery is a Lithium ion battery that has a voltage capacity of 11. 10v. The battery is charged by an Dell Latitude verified AC adapter. The Dell Latitude D630 charger has a DC Output of 19.5v and 3.34A-65W. The Dell charger input rangers from 100-240v within a 1.2 50/60 Hz. These parameters are important in knowing the power consumption of the battery during charging.


The computer battery has a capacity of 56WH. The value matches its Dell Latitude Alternating Circuit battery adapter that is OEM compatible. In addition, the Latitude D630 charger meets the power requirement of the battery from both United States standards and the United Kingdom. The AC adapter for the Dell laptop comes with an AC Adapter and a United States power cord that matches the D630 and matching laptop requirements.


Just to ensure you acquire the right battery note that the particular Dell laptop battery are usually metallic grey in color. They weigh approximately 381g and have dimensions of 25.2 x 9.4 x 4.8 cm. The Dell Latitude D630 power supply, which is the required charger, is black. The AC adapter weighs 11.7 ounces and has dimensions of 6.7 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches. It is important that the appropriate battery and charger be used in a laptop. Unless it is confirmed that a particular charger and battery are compatible to laptops that they are not designed for, it is not advisable to use a battery and charger that does not belong to the laptop. The variations in rating may cause damage to the laptop.

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