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Follow These Tips to Get Longer Life form Your Dell Inspiron 1555 Charger

Few days back one of my friends called me to borrow my Dell Inspiron 1555 charger because his charger was damaged. He faced this problem earlier as well and he asked my help in that situation as well so I gave my old charger to him without any issue. But when my friend saw that my old charger is still working, then he wondered how I can get very long life from my dell charger, while my friend replaced it many time. In case you also have this problem and you want get longer life from your laptop adapter, then following are few suggestions that may help you in it.

Do not apply force on it: In order to get the best and longest life from your dell adapter, it is necessary that you use it gently. If you will apply force while removing your Dell Inspiron 1555 AC Adapter from power socket, then it may damage the internal cable of your adapter and it may reduce the life of your laptop adapter. So, whenever you plug or unplug it, make sure you keep it with the head of your adapter only so you do not damage the internal cables.

Pack it properly: if you will role your Dell Inspiron 1555 charger in an improper manner, then it will surely create problem with the internal cable of your adapter. So, when you pack your adapter in your bag, then make sure you role is in a proper manner and then only you keep it in your bag. Also, when you pack it in your bag, then prefer not to keep any other sharp object or cables with it else it may damage your adapter by tangling with other cables and sharp objects may also cut the cable.

Use proper power supply: If you will connect your Dell Inspiron 1555 power supply with a power source that is faulty or giving unstable voltage then also it may reduce the life of your power adapter. Therefore, it is also recommended, that do not connect your laptop adapter with any power source that is not in its proper shape. Also, if it is not giving you stable voltage then prefer not to connect it with your power source and if you have to connect it with power supply, then make sure you use it only with a voltage stabilizer so you can get clean and stable power supply without any problem.

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