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How to Know When It is Time to Replace Your Dell PRECISION M2300 Laptop Battery?

No matter how well you treat your Dell PRECISION M2300 laptop battery, eventually it will die due to age. If you are lucky it will last until you need to replace your laptop but if you are not, you will need to replace it earlier. Battery death can be frustrating and sudden but it does not have to; this is something that you ought to be prepared for but windows will always warn when the capacity of your battery is extremely low.

Windows warning

Windows does not keep you up to date with the capacity level of your battery. As it weakens, you will notice that your laptop no longer last on the battery charge. This is a sign that it needs replacement.

When the capacity of the battery is extremely low, windows will give a warning. You will see a red X sign on the battery for Dell PRECISION M2300 icon and when you click it a message will be displayed telling you to consider replacing your battery. Windows will also warn you that your laptop may shut down suddenly as the battery has a problem and it cannot hold enough charge to power the laptop when it is not connected to a power outlet.

However, the warning is only added to windows 7 and 8; therefore, if you are using windows vista or XP, you will not see it.

Why the capacity of your battery declines

The capacity of most laptop batteries declines due to age, bad usage and exposure to excess heat. Dell batteries will do no matter how good you take care of it. Even if you put it in the closet and never use it will still die due to age. However, there are some basic care tips that can help to lengthen the life of your battery. They include:

  • Avoid using your laptop on pillows or cushion as they block the laptop’s ventilation, which makes the battery to overheat. Only us your laptop on a raised desk to allow free flow of air.
  • If you plan to use your laptop when it is connected to the power outlet, disconnect the battery as the frequent charging and discharging may damage the battery.
  • Charge the battery of your laptop until full capacity and discharge it fully once in a while to maintain its capacity.
  • Do not expose the battery to excess heat or cold. Only store the battery in a cool environment when not sing it.
  • Lastly, avoid overcharging the battery

Replacing the Dell PRECISION M2300 battery

If the laptop is user serviceable, you can remove the old battery on your own and replace it with the new one easily. However, if it is not user serviceable, contact a laptop expert to replace the battery for you.

There is no need of obsessing over the capacity of your laptop, it was designed to die at one point; however, if the capacity is dropping quickly, it is a sign that you need to treat it better.

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Maintenance Tips for a Dell P5413 Laptop Battery

There are two types of Dell P5413 battery; the first type the 6-cell Li-ion battery with a voltage of 14.8V, power capacity of 5200mA and weighs 310.24 grams. The battery is dark grey in colour and has a dimension of 151.2 by 78.3 by 22.2 mm. It provides continuous charging-up for many hours without plugging in your computer. The second type is the Ni-MH battery that has a voltage of 9.6V, a power capacity of 4500mA and weighs 640 grams. Just like the former type, the Ni-MH battery is also dark grey in colour but has a dimension of 145 by 34.8 by 60 mm.


Upgrading from Ni-MH to LI-ion laptop battery

The Li-Ion and the Ni-MH Dell batteries are all fundamentally distinct from one another and cannot be substituted unless the laptop has been pre-configured to accept more than one type of battery chemistry (whether NI-MH or Li-Ion) from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is possible to upgrade your dell laptop battery from a Ni-MH to a Li-Ion type. The manual automatically lists all the battery chemistries that are supported by your specific laptop. In any case your device allows you to upgrade your Dell P5413 battery from the Ni-MH type to Li-ion, typically you are poised to get longer run times.


How to maximise the performance of the Dell P5413 battery

Just like any other laptop battery, the Dell Laptop battery P5413 requires some care when being used to enable it run for its full battery life. There are several steps you can take to help you optimise the performance of your Dell Laptop battery P5413:


- Keep the battery clean: Ensure that you regularly clean your battery using cotton swab and alcohol. Doing this will help maintain an improved connection between the battery itself and the portable device.


- Prevent memory effect by keeping the Dell laptop battery as healthy as possible. This can be done by fully charging and the fully discharging it at least once after every two or three weeks. However, note that the Li-ion batteries are exceptions to this rule as they do not suffer from memory effect.


- Exercise the battery. Never leave the battery for Dell P5413 dormant for an extended period of time. Try to use the battery at least once every two weeks. In any case your battery stays for a long period of time without being used, then perform the new battery break in the procedure discussed above.


- Battery storage – the battery should be stored in a clean, dry and cool place away from metal objects and heat. Normally, Ni-MH, Ni-Cad and Li-Ion will probably auto-discharge during storage, so do not forget to recharge the batteries before use.



Dell P5413 Laptop battery replacement tips

If the battery for Dell P5413 laptop no longer holds a charge or is unable to power your device, it is prudent to get a replacement battery. All the new Dell P5413 batteries usually come in discharged condition and should, therefore, be charged before being used. Once the new battery has been used up after the first charge, it may require a minimum of two or three charge/discharge cycles for it to achieve optimum capacity.


During a charge/discharge cycle, start by installing the battery in your laptop, then disconnect the Dell AC adapter and use your device until it shuts down by itself. This is an indicator that the battery of fully discharged. Now connect the AC Dell adapter to start charging the battery. Allow the charging to continue until the battery is charged to its full capacity. In most cases, when charging the battery for the first time, it may show a fully charged condition in the initial 20 or 30 minutes even though the battery is not yet full. Should such situation arise when you are charging your battery, do not panic; simply remove the battery, let it cool down for a few minutes and then insert it back into the battery bay again and resume the charging.


However, if the battery and the Dell DC adapter become excessively hot, then there’s a probability that the charging system has a problem which should be checked by a technician, otherwise it may cause some damage to the battery pack as well as the adapter. During charging, you’ll realise that a Dell battery for P5413 normally get heated up. This is a quite usual condition though.


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