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How to Find a Replacement Sony-VGP-BPS9/B Battery and Adapter?

Sony batteries are covered by the limited warranty that is specifically for rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. The limited warranty on Sony VAIO accessories falls under the domestic warranty along with the standard and extended warranty. The Sony-VGP-BPS9/B battery can be replaced by the Sony Electronics Company if the faults are manufacturing related. The warranty offers hardware parts and labor support for one year starting from the date the item was purchased. It also offers free call support for a year and software support in relation to the terms laid out by the license agreement.


A battery can however be replaced from other stores not necessarily linked to Sony. There are several online stores that stock these products and you can browse their collection to find one that suits your need. A battery is lightweight and rechargeable and a Li-ion type that provides 11.10 volts and has a capacity of around 4800mAh. It has 6 cells. A replacement battery for Sony-VGP-BPS9/B can sometimes be better than the original thing especially in terms of the quality in cells and the voltage provided. This is possible when you buy from a reputable supplier and can be compatible with the VGP-BPS9A/B,VGP-BPS9/B, VGP-BPS9B and the VGP-BPS10 which are all in the VAIO series. It may also work fine with other VAIO notebooks.


To ensure that your battery gives you the absolute best performance make sure that you break it in appropriately, keep it clean, store it properly and use the power management feature on your notebook at optimal levels. Fully charge a new battery before use. You can charge it fully then discharge it completely for three times to allow it to reach the maximum rated capacity of the battery. Clean it with cotton and alcohol to maintain excellent connection between it and the computer. Do not leave it dormant for long periods and if you are going to keep it stored in a dry place that is clean and away from heat.


The Sony adapter is also covered by the domestic limited warranty on Sony accessories. This means that you have coverage for a year and any issues that come up within that year can be fixed by the company. This warranty usually covers manufacturing faults but Sony will investigate a problem and determine of it’s covered under the warranty. The different adapters for the various Sony computers will have different specifications in reference to the output current and voltage as well as the input voltage and power. For the VGP series, the adapters have a 5200mAh capacity although adapters in the VAIO series are compatible for most computers in that line.


Sony-VGP-BPS9/B battery