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Troubleshooting Tips for a Dell Laptop Battery M9014

One of the common reported problems associated with Dell Laptop Battery M9014 is the inability to be recharged. There are several causes of this problem such as mishandling of the charger, electric fault in the power socket, improper care of the battery as per the required procedures in the manual and many other causes. A proper maintenance is very essential so as to prolong the battery life. Many computer hardware experts urge that you must drain the battery completely before recharging it and failure to do so may reduce your battery life. It will be very embarrassing to use a laptop with a battery that cannot last particularly when there is power rationing. Are you using dell laptop with this problem and don’t know what to do? Here are some of the troubleshooting tips that you can apply:


1. Check on the status of the Dell adapter. First you detach the battery from the laptop and try to power on the laptop with the power adapter connected. If the laptop doesn’t start, try with another similar adapter to ensure that the first adapter is not defective. If the laptop doesn’t power on again, then the problem is likely to be the motherboard’s electrical continuity. This implies that you have to consult a technician.


2. If the laptop power on well, remove the initial battery and replace with another Dell M9014 battery since it will be very clear that the problem is not with the power adapter. The battery to use must meet all the technical specifications similar to the first one for reliable results. If the second battery works very well, then the initial battery is defective.


3. The battery for Dell M9014 can fail to charge due to software related problems. Therefore it is advisable to check whether the battery charging status is clearly indicated on the screen when the laptop is charging. If it is not clearly indicated, then the problem is not with the battery. You should then consult a software technician for the remedy.


4. Unplug the power adapter from the socket and remove the Dell Laptop Battery M9014 so as to power reset. You are to hold the power button for about one minute without power adapter and the battery. This is done to ensure that the motherboard of your laptop doesn’t hold power anymore when the battery power is low. This is a situation that can cause hiccup in the system causing your battery not to charge. By doing so, your battery will recharge again if at all hiccup was the problem causing your battery not to charge.

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