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12000mAh External Power Bank for iPad and Any Other Electrical Devices that Use USB to Charge

Is your iPad running short of battery very quickly? Though there are many factors that may make you phone drain charge fairly fast, the major cause is poor battery. If the battery used to keep charge but now it does not, this is the high time you should buy an iPad external battery. But still you may be worried of the best external battery that best fit your phone. If you truly need cheap external battery, 12000mAh external power bank will accommodate all iPads plus any other electronic device that uses USB charging cable.



It equips with Double USB-Port, more convenient since you can charge two devices at a time.

1.0A, apart from iPad, it can also be used to charge iPhone, MP3/4, iPad and any other electrical device that uses USB to charge.

It includes 9 kinds of changeable connectors. This provides the most convenient way to charger it.


It is light in weight. It barely weighs 341 grams and measures 146 by 70 by 21mm. It can be carried comfortably from one place to another. The cheap power bank is convenient to use in your office, while driving or any other place including in club when raving. This device is a definite way to ensure you don’t run out of power when going for camping, travelling for business or leisure. It’s very efficient and high power conversion rate. It stores power without excessive losses.


12000mAh external power bank comes with;

1 x DC 3.5 Switch Cable

1 x Apple Adaptor

1 x LG Adaptor

1 x Sony PSP Adaptor

1 x Samsung D800 Adaptor

1 x Sony Ericssion Adaptor

1 x Nokia DC 2.0 Adaptor

1 x Samsung I900-Adaptor

1 x Mini USB Adaptor

1 x Micro USB Adaptor



12000mAh external power bank comes with one year warranty. You will either get your full money, or get replacement if the device is faulty, is damaged by power or is unable to charge within the year you are covered.


Where to buy?

It is difficult to get this device at local stores, but you can comfortably purchase online. There are many online dealers you can buy from, but it is always good to look at customers reviews before placing your order.


No doubt this is a device that you cannot miss to have. Phones are very important gadget but they are useless when they run short of charge. This is great device that will ensure you are connected to you family, friends and your boss or client will reach any time they want. It can be used to charge devices that use USB to charge and prices are good.



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