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HP Laptop and HP Pavilion DV3-1000 AC Adapter Connection

Technology just keeps on evolving over the years. Many effective devices are being created, just to make human life much simpler. With the HP laptops evolving, we now have the HP Pavilion DV3-1000. The laptop is much more expensive than other laptops, and it is associated with HP Pavilion DV3-1000 AC adapter. The laptop is very stylish as compared to the HP Pavilion DV6000, and it also has a touch screen display. The following are some of the other features of the laptop:

· Size: The laptop is much smaller than the normal HP laptops. In terms of size the laptop is a 13 inch laptop, thus making carrying of the laptop much easier. Also when playing games, this makes it easier because it has a small touch screen.

· Resolution: The laptop has a screen resolution of about 1366*768, this ensures that images are displayed well, just like the other larger screens of other laptops.

·HP Pavilion DV3-1000 Battery: If you are using this laptop at home or at the office for some heavy tasks, then the laptop battery can last about 2 hours, without you charging it. On the other hand, if you are using the laptop for lighter tasks the laptop can last you about 3 hours. The laptop battery also has a capacity of about 5,100mAh. The battery is made using Lithium Ion.

· Speakers: The laptop has very clear and loud speakers, as compared to its size.

· Performance: The laptop has a core i-3 processor, thus making the machine very powerful for its size. The laptop also has a DDR3 of about 3GB and also has a 250 GB hard disk, which is much bigger than the HP Pavilion DV6000. The laptop is therefore very powerful and can handle very heavy tasks.

· Slots: The laptop has the following slots: memory stick, SD Cards, smart media and express card slot.

Once the laptop goes off, due to power charge you can charge the laptop with the power adapter. The HP Pavilion DV3-1000 charger can carry charge up to 65 watts, which makes the laptop secure. The laptops adapter input voltage is Ac 100-240V. The adapters output on the other hand is DC 18.5V 3.5 A. The laptops adapter can also be used on other HP laptop models such as; HP Compaq G G50, all HP Compaq G G60, HP Compaq Pavilion DV4 and many other models.

The HP Pavilion DV3-1000 is a very stylish laptop, small but powerful. It can be used at the office even when you want to run heavy tasks since it has a core i-3 processor. The laptop also has a big hard disk therefore you can save many songs, games and files on your laptop. I would mainly recommend the laptop for its style and also because of its Touch screen capabilities.

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NewNow is Comming up with a New Dual Core Android TV Box Blu-ray 3D HD Player

I have been using battery bank and USB drives from NewNow since a long time and if rumors are true, then they are going to launch a TV box as well. Well at this time I do not have any confirmed news or information for the same, but on the basis of leaked information I can say that it will have following features in their TV box.

Android OS: If I can trust on the leaked information then I can say that it will be an Android TV box. That means this NewNow TV box will have android as its operating system and this will give you liberty to have multiple apps as well that can allow you to enhance your TV watching experience in a great manner. Talking about android version, I cannot give you any exact information for the same but I am hoping that this TV box will have latest version in it.

Blu –Ray, HD, 3D: With the current information that I have with me, I can say it will be a Dual Core Android TV Box Blu-ray 3D HD Player. That means it will allow the viewers to watch the TV in high definition, blu-ray and 3D as well. Other that this, I am also very much sure that it will have recording capacity in it and people will be able to record their programs easily using this TV box.

High processing speed: As we said it will be a smart TV Box but it can do it all only with great processing power, so I am sure that it will have a dual core processor in it. Other than this, it will also have some good ram in it and this high processing speed and ram will allow users to get the best TV experience from this TV box with no extra problem.

Affordable budget: Along with all the other great things I am also very much sure and confident that this TV Box Blu-ray 3D from NewNow will come in affordable budget only. Here, I can say this because I have used other products from them and I got them all in a nice budget. So, I have a solid reason to believe this and now I am just hoping that we will get it as per expectation.

Other than these common features it may have so many other features as well, but I cannot share that information with you as I don’t have it with me. But this is an assurance that as soon as I will get more details about this TV Box Blu-ray 3D, I will share the details with you without any delay.

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All What You Need to know About Acer Aspire 5520 AC Adapter

For every computer, the power adapter serves 2 basic purposes, to supply power to the internal parts of the computer and also charging the battery.

To avoid buying used and refurbished charger, it is always good to buy Acer Aspire 5520 AC Adapter from reputable dealer. Undoubtedly, if you buy original Acer charger it will serve you for years without spoiling. Acer charger is manufactured with exceptional parts and hence is guaranteed to meet the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Buying from reputable dealer will save your money and you will also get the best adapter that meets safety as well as environmental standards.

Acer Aspire 5520 adapter Specifications

Power output- DC 19V and 3.42A

Power input – AC 100 and 240V.

Connector size- External diameter is 5.5 mm and Interior diameter: 1.5 mm.

Technical Specifications:

Over voltage protection

Short Circuit Protection

Overload protection


PCB and Cover is manufactured with Fire- proofing materials.

Acer charger comes with 2 year warranty. This underlines the benefit of buying from a reputable dealer.


Tips on how to care for Acer Aspire 5520 charger

Before connecting adapter to the computer or wall socket, ensure it is dry.


To check if your laptop recognizes the charger, check if it lights after you connect charger. If it lights, the charger is compatible with the laptop you are using. Nevertheless, only use Acer charger with compatible models.


The charger cable can be safety hazard. To prevent people from tripping, ensure the cord is not off the floor.


Never use power adapter that incompatible with your computer. This will definitely spoil your battery and may blow computer’s motherboard. At all cost always use right adapter.


At times, problem with battery may affect the performance of Acer Aspire 5520 power supply. In case the battery is malfunctioning, for instance, it cannot keep charge, the laptop may fail to recognize Acer adapter.


Avoid exposing charger to extreme temperature. If you are travelling with your laptop, avoid placing it on dashboard. You should not store charger in fridge.


Always ensure Acer Aspire 5520 charger is well connected -to the power port. Loose connections can prevent you computer from recognizing the adapter.


You should not leave Acer charger connected-to the power supply. Leaving charger connected without charging causes het build up since there is no power output, this can blow Acer adapter.


You can buy Acer adapter at your local shop or online, but it benefits more to buy online.


Advisably, always keep the receipt, it will help you to claim warranty if need be.



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