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Dell Inspiron 1521 AC Adapter Maintenance Tips

The Dell Inspiron 1521 AC Adapter is a very important laptop accessory especially if the battery of your laptop is being drained or it is low. Therefore, proper maintenance and use should be observed all the time to keep this device in perfect working conditions. You do not want to have a charger or an adapter that is not functioning as it will lead to unproductive as well as unfinished work if your laptop does not have power. Here are some of the practical tips on taking care as well as using your laptop adapter and charger correctly:

1. In case your adapter is not functioning, you should first check if the outlet of the Dell Inspiron 1521 charger is live before performing serious troubleshooting on it. This will save you effort and time as well as prevent unnecessary repair that might be costly.

2. Use the right adapter model for your laptop.Do not use other models of adapter on your laptop and also avoid using your laptop adapter on other devices even if the voltage is the same as the current may be different.

3. When connecting the charger to your laptop, first connect the metal tip to the power jack of your laptop before connecting the plug to the power outlet.

4. Always store the laptop adapter and Dell Inspiron 1521 Adapter in a dry room with cool temperatures. Similar to other electronic devices, high temperatures can damage adapters.

5. Avoid leaving the adapter connected to your laptop for a long period. When the laptop’s battery gets full, remove the cord from the laptop’s jack point slowly.

6. Do not knock or shake the adapter. Handling it wrongly will break the circuit boards and other internal parts

7. Always put your adapter in a place where it cannot fall and away from children. In addition, avoid falling it to prevent damage

8. When using the adapter, always prevent the adapter’s metal tip from coming into contact with other metallic objects. This can lead to short-circuiting. Connecting a short-circuited charger to your laptop will damage it.

9. Avoid placing the Dell Inspiron 1521 power supply next to an air conditioner to prevent it from getting moistened.

10. Never pull the adapter’s cord from the laptop or from power outlet. The wire will get loosened or slashed. Also, avoid wrapping the cord around the adapter as it may lead to cable failure and kinks.

Apart from saving your money from buying a new adapter, keeping the adapter in perfect condition will also keep the value and good performance of your Dell Inspiron 1521 for a longer period.

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Top 5 Things to Consider While Purchasing an Acer Aspire 5720 AC Adapter

It can be a tiresome ordeal when you lose the original Acer Aspire 5720 AC Adapter that has seen its better days. Without further ado, we shall take a peek into the realms of buying guide. You could say this is a sort of a heads up list for your woes if you wish to venture out to buy Acer charger.

Crucial aspect is spotting some of the nuances and differences. One must keep in mind whether it is compatible with the laptop of the same make; give priority to identify its actual shelf life, what is the after sales service measures which could be expected when purchased etc.

Constantly set your principles. Narrow it down as needful. Question yourself if you want a refurbished or a new adapter, do you like to invest in a branded or generic make?

1. Check for compatibility.

Acer Aspire 5720 charger is available online or it is readily available at your nearest store. Most adapter packs are specifically designed to meet end users requirement. Check for your model number and make. It must be OEM compatible. So like power supply attracts and unlike repels. True science don’t you agree with this fact?

2. Now for the capacity of Acer Aspire 5720 charger.

Usually we see the amount of power it consumes and number of hours it valiantly shells us during working hours while restraining to heating issues. This can be notified by its DC-Output (19V, 65W) & Input voltage capacity (100-240V, 50-60HZ).

3. Buy original Acer Aspire 5720 adapter and stay original.

There are fake brands out their threatening the existence of company standard adapter. Don’t get sucker punched and end up pulling your hair. Check for authentication and its originality.

Caution: Watch out for certified symbols such as CE, FCC and RoHS. Meaning they are the real McCoy.

4. Concerned with after sales services?

Like any other electronic device, laptop power supplies do get a run of the mill warranty. This means you can veil the company services at your disposal when it gives up or fails to comprehend or simply dies due to circumstantial mishaps.

Point to be noted. Bashing the Acer Aspire 5720 power supply is not recommended and the company urges its customers to stray away from causing physical damage. So keep it safe so that you don’t void your warranty.

5. What to expect in the package?

1 x 19V 3.42A 65W Replacement AC Adapter. Please do check if it is tampered or not and always check or run it through at the retail shop to make sure it is primed, ready and up for action.

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How to Choose the Best Internet TV Box?

media streamer is a network connected device that can play media from a home network or hard drive and can also stream the content from the internet. In general, the media that you play music, images or videos are stored outside the media player and this device will play the file from its source wirelessly. This means that you can stream from online sites such as YouTube, Amazon and Hulu or you can connect to your home network that consist of a computer, tablet, hard drive or the media server.

Media streamers come in different quality and sizes and each person has their own preference. It is therefore important to know the features to look for when choosing an Internet TV box. These features to consider include:


It may sound elementary but the connectivity comes first. Without good connectivity, there will be little hope of transmitting video successfully from the streaming device to the TV. Most video streamers in the market include HDMI connectivity. Some models have audio connections and component connections. You will also find a range of models that enable wireless video streaming.

Being able to support different file formats is also very important. This is because there are so many video file formats and codes. Therefore, choose a media streamer that is able to handle the most popular video formats. This is the best way to make sure that your video library is supported.

The network support that is included in the Home Audio Accessories of your choice is also very important. Network support is quite different from connectivity. A good media streamer has an Ethernet port to enable you connect to the network. The media streamers in the market today also provide a wireless network support to give users hands-free operation.


Choose a media streamer that is easy to use and navigate with a natural interface. The media streamer should also have a user friendly and customizable navigation bars and menus. Also, ensure that the remote of the media streamer you choose responds easily. You do not want a remote control that fails to change a video when you want to. An easy network set-up is also important.

You may also consider choosing a NewNow media streamer that supports popular online services and subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix. The unit should also provide content availability for the online sites

Availability of on demand movie subscription sites is an added advantage.

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