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Understanding the Sony PCGA-AC16V AC Adapter

Laptops keep their own supply of power in a rechargeable battery. After being used for sometimes, the power in the battery also runs out hence the need to recharge it. Sony PCGA-AC16V AC adapter is used to recharge the batteries. They are plugged into wall outlets in one end while the other end is connected to the device being charged. There are different models of laptops in the market. Each brand uses its own type of adapter for charging purposes. The charger is normally bought together with the laptop. However, there comes a time when one needs to replace an old one with a new one. It is therefore advisable that you know the model number, voltage and current ratings of the adapter you require.

Types of adapters

There exist two main types of Sony PCGA-AC16V charger in the market. They are the AC adapters and the DC adapters. The adapters are popularly known as the chargers and they help in converting electricity from outlet plugs into the form that can be used by your laptop.

AC Adapter

Laptops use DC current just like most small appliances. These kinds of chargers convert the AC power from the outlet sockets to DC power that is usable in a laptop. An example of this type of adapter is the Sony PCGA-AC16V AC charger has an input of 100-200v and an output of 8.4V; 1.5A. This adapter is a high quality, low cost charger. It can be used to charge a battery when the laptop is working or when it is not being used. Sony PCGA-AC16V power supply is specifically used in Sony devices.

DC Adapter

DC adapters are normally used to convert direct current to a higher voltage that can be used by laptops. This is because most DC sources provide voltage that is too low to be used for charging purposes. These adapters are used with power sources such as cars, solar panels and in flight outlets.

Apart from the DC and AC adapters, universal adapters are also in existence in the market. These adapters can be used both in a DC and AC power source.

Selecting a Power Adapter for your Laptop

When selecting a charger to use, there are important considerations that you should have in mind. You should;

  • Know the laptop model number
  • Know the power requirement for the laptop
  • Choose a compatible Sony adapter
  • Ensure that the adapter can plug in the laptop

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Tips on How to Maintain an Asus N60D-JX009X AC Adapter

The world has gone fully digital and computers have taken over most of the work previously done manually. This is the age of automation. In respect to these technological changes in the way things are done, everyone involved wants to be part of those who drive the change and owning and using a computer is the big way to express that. Also, there have been developments in the computer world where desktop computers have been replaced by laptops. Laptops are portable and some have superior processing power than desktops, making them a fairly reliable option. For you to use a laptop you need power to charge its battery. The laptop comes with a charger fitted with an adapter. The adapter is designed to prevent damage to the computer circuitry in case of electrical power surges. This makes it very important to maintain that adapter to maximize it's capability to protect your machine at all times.


About Adapters

There are different types of power adapters, the best being Asus N60D-JX009X AC Adapter and other related laptop accessories.

Many people with laptops do not know to maintain their adapters for maximum life-span and they end up getting frustrated because they have to replace it every now and then after it is damaged.


How to maintain a laptop adapter

If you are one of those facing the predicament of having to buy a new laptop adapter regularly, here are some tips on to avoid that. These simple things can save you considerable expenses.

-Do not plug in the charger when the laptop is already fully charged. Doing so may harm the laptop battery and even decrease the life of the adapter itself. The more you use the charger, the shorter it's life.

-Make sure the type of Asus N60D-JX009X charger use plug into your computer is the recommended one in terms of voltage limits. Picking an inappropriate charger will definitely it because it cannot handle the power intake required by the particular battery model and the general computer circuitry.

-Always connect the charger to an Uninterruptible Power Supply when using it. Avoid connecting it directly to a socket or surge protector.

-Do not force the adapter into the laptop. A laptop adapter maybe of either male or female connector model. That is determined by the type of connecting pin fitted into it by the manufacturer as well as the model of the computer. Ensure you check both the Asus N60D-JX009X power supply and the laptop power connection points to ensure they are compatible. Do not force in an incompatible adapter because it will not connect and you may end damaging it.

-Keep your adapter safely and take action when you notice it overheating.


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Buying the Ideal Acer Aspire Adapter Replacement

A misbehaving adapter for Acer Aspire could be among the most annoying things. This is more so the case because at first if you’re like me you could not get your head around the root cause of the problem. In most cases you would think it is your battery only to find out painfully after buying a new battery that the problem persists. This is when you get so raging mad you decide to actually buy a new computer. But hold your horses, you don’t need to make such a drastic decision when the solution is pretty easy.


There is no way you would go to a doctor and they prescribe you something without properly understanding what is wrong with you. Unless they are a quack. The same should apply to your computer. Before deciding to buy a replacement part for your computer, you have to make sure that you know what is wrong. But just how do you find out that your Acer Aspire 3680 AC adapter is the one at fault? Well, the best way to go about it would be to take the computer to a repair shop. Try using a different charger and see how the battery behaves. If the adapter has an indicator light on it and it is faulty in most instances that light will not go on when it is connected to a power source. These are the two diagnostic tests that you can simply conduct. The latter more so worked for me.

How to get the right AC adapter

So, you have verified that the problem lies with your Acer Aspire 5310 AC adapter. The next question is how do you save yourself the pain and inconvenience of buying the wrong AC adapter? Well worry not. There are primarily three things that you need to look at before you make the purchase. The first is the voltage.

Make sure that the voltage on your original adapter and the one you want to purchase match. Secondly, check that the amperage also matches. This is even more important for the proper functioning of the computer and also the longevity of your battery. Lastly check to make sure that the charging pin is compatible with the charging port of your computer. If all these check out, you’re ready for the purchase.

Where to buy

Where you decide to buy your Acer Aspire 5517 AC adapter is very important. This is more so because you want a long lasting product that is of proper quality. The best bet would be to buy from the manufacturer’s outlets. However, you could also rely on some of the reputable retailers and if you would like to get the charger at the comfort of your home, online sites like Amazon and eBay could do the trick for you as well. After you get your Adapter you can be guaranteed that all the problems will be solved. Now you can see why you don’t need to take the drastic measures.

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