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Choosing a Replacement Battery for Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS

The life of a Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS battery is one of the most important factors that you should consider when you are purchasing a laptop. Laptops tend to consume a lot of power and as such the quality of the battery that you have will affect the length of time in which you can use the computer as well as how many programs that you can run on it simultaneously.

A few years after purchasing my Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS, I realised that its battery could not last as long as it used to when it was new and I found myself charging more times that I could remember in a day. It got frustrating and I decided to get a replacement for my Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS battery. As I was to find out, there were some considerations that I was to make in order to pick out the best replacement battery for Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS.


This should be the very first thing that you look at when you are in the market looking for a new laptop battery. Many batteries are designed to work with particular laptop brands. As such, you will have to make sure that the battery is compatible with the battery.

Walking around with the laptop can be tedious when you are making the purchase. Fortunately, there is an easier way to go about it. All you have to do is check on your laptops make and model number and write it down for reference. You can get the number underneath the laptop’s battery compartment.

Battery for Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS Capacity

This refers to the amount of power that the battery can generate and is usually measured in Milliamperes. The larger the capacity of the battery the longer it will last before it requires any recharging. You therefore should get one that has a higher rating.


Another important consideration is the material that the battery is made out of. Batteries can be made out of:

  • Lithium Ion (LiON)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCad)
  • Lithium ion Polymers (Li-Poly)

Out of all the above materials, the LiON and the Li-Poly are the best choice as they are not only compatible with most laptops but they are also long lasting. In addition, they are also lighter.

Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS adapter

The above are the main considerations that I had to make before I picked out a replacement for my laptop battery. While I was shopping around I decided to pick out a Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS adapter, just in case. For this also, there are some considerations that I had to make. They included:

  • Connector type
  • Voltage
  • Type of adapter
  • Amperage

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When to Consider Charging or replacing Your Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS Battery

Lithium ion battery normally in use by the laptops needs to be recharged from time to time if in case they are not plugged continuously to a power source. This is because, Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS battery for example, take around four to five hours before it goes flat when it is fully charged and when it is still within the span meant to be operational. It is therefore, a recommendation that it should be considered for replacement after sometime upon a notification popup and other symptoms that the battery life is greatly dilapidated. There are various situations which calls for a new battery for Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS some of the indications that should be used in making such a decision includes the following.

1. When the battery is not charging at all and that there is no indication even if the power is on.

In this situation, there are three major troubleshooting points to be dealt with. First of all, make sure that the power connection to the sockets is well executed and that power is reaching the Toshiba adapter terminals. Secondly, make sure that the Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS adapter is in good condition and that it is in a position to charge because it is in most cases the laptop adapter tends to malfunction due to aging, to do this, you can borrow a friends adapter if he/she uses the same model of laptop as you do and try charging your laptop if it is charging, then there is no need of buying a new battery but consider buying a new adapter which is much cheaper than the battery and if that is not the case then you might need to make a purchase of a new battery since when they are damaged, they fail to charge.

2. Consider replacing your battery notification

In most cases, the computer charging system monitors the capacity of the battery for Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS and the time it takes to fully charge and discharge and compare it with the manufacturer’s set conditions of a good battery. If one of the primary conditions is not satisfied, then the computer outputs a message requiring you to consider replacing your battery. If this is the case, know that the charge capacity is getting low hence to solve this issue, buy a new battery of the same make as directed by the manufacturer.

3. Plugged but not charging

In some few cases, it gives a notification that the adapter is plugged in but the battery is not charging, so in this case, there are two possibilities, either the Toshiba charger is not compatible with the model you are using or that the charging system is damaged but not the battery hence in this case, you should consider using a friend’s laptop i9n charging your battery while you hurry up and take yours to be rectified by a specialist.

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How to Boost Your Laptop Performance With an Acer Aspire AS09A61 Battery?

Acer Aspire AS09A61 is the battery that is supposed to run for longer time period as per the company. Batteries form the major part of the laptops as they are the ones which can be relied on the places where there is no power socket available. It is necessary for you to try in enhancing the Acer Aspire AS09A61 battery life to the extent that you can. You can easily enhance the life of the laptop battery by charging as well as discharging fully many tomes in the initial months after the purchase of the laptop. Charging as well as discharging repeatedly can help the laptop battery to gain the ability for charging to the optimal capacity. It is also important for you to make use of the adapter that is genuine as well as suitable for the battery so that it can help in charging the battery without any hassles.

There are chances for the battery terminals to get damaged when proper adapters are not used. You should also try in following all the instructions that are available in the user manual while you are charging the battery. This can help you in getting the battery charged well with the help of the battery for Acer Aspire AS09A61. There are chances for you to charge battery in appropriate manner as per the instructions of the laptop. You can also make the battery life to be extended by storing that in the cool and dry environment after completely charging that if you do not want to use the laptop for longer time. If you are not charging the battery fully before getting it detached from laptop then there are chances for it to get discharged to a very minimum level automatically. If the adapter is functioning well and still the battery cannot be charged in effective manner then it is high time for changing the battery before the laptop is getting damaged.

You can easily improve the life of the Acer laptop battery by following these various methods. It can really make the batter to sustain for longer time frame. It is better not to make use of screensavers and themes as these are the factors that can consume good amount of power. You can tweak power options when you are using the battery. The optimization and the features that are there in the battery can make it highly durable.

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