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When to Decide Whether to Buy or Recharge an HP Pavilion G70 Battery

Laptop batteries are very important component in your laptop as it is the power house and prime mover in all the activities involving it. Due to the fact that it is a rechargeable battery, it needs to be recharged whenever it needs to be done so. With time therefore, its capacity to hold power will deteriorate hence this is when you should consider replacing it. The following are some of the cases where it needs you to either replace the adapter or battery for HP Pavilion G70. The following are some of the cases you should consider buying or charging the battery for HP Pavilion G70

1. Consider replacing your battery notification

A “Consider replacing your battery” notification means that the battery’s capacity to store the charge is far much below the power requirement of your computer thus at this situation, it is recommended that you should buy a new one. Under this circumstance, the charge does not last for long hence it will not be convenient to use the computer where there is no power available within your reach.

2. When the computer is over two years old

It is known that the lifespan of an HP Pavilion G70 battery is at most two years when well taken care of. When you start having charge problems while the age of your laptop is almost or already two years old, it is a recommendation that you buy a new one since at this time, you will need to charge the old one more frequently hence it is not economical at all especially when you are working remotely with the power source.

3. When it is not charging at all

There are other situations when the laptop is not responding at all when it is plugged to power source. In such a situation, it is a recommendation that you should carry out some troubleshooting measures in order to determine which of the three components making up the charging session that is, HP adapter, power port and the computer’s charging port is defective. It is a good thing to determine which component mentioned above is not working in order to know whether to buy the battery or not. In most cases the charging system crushes as it is the one Part which receives a lot of stresses as it is subjected to electric charging and the components wears off with time but if you run the test and find out that it is the battery that has a problem, then consider replacing it with immediate effect.

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