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Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Battery

I have a small computer repairing shop and here I see a lot of different problems on a regular basis. Out of all the problems having issues in laptop battery is one of the most common problem and many people complain that they do not get longer life from their laptop battery including Dell Latitude D620 laptop battery. However, most of the time people make mistakes and get this problem and if you are one of those people that get poor life from their laptop battery, then following few suggestions can be very helpful for you. Proper way of charging: If you will not use a good Dell adapter with your dell laptop, then you will never get better life from your laptop battery. Laptop adapter plays an important role in your battery charging and life expansion. So, I can say that if you really want to extend the life of your laptop, then prefer to use only a good quality Dell Latitude D620 adapter with your laptop. Also, if you have some power or voltage issue in your office or home, then add a voltage controller with your dell adapter to give extra protection to all of your devices.Proper handling: Improper handling of your laptop battery can also lead your laptop battery to its quick end. You need to understand that laptop battery might develop a minor crack in it due to shock or force and this minor crack can damage the charging capacity of any battery. This rule doesn’t change with your battery for Dell Latitude D620 as well. So, make sure you never drop your laptop, you always keep it in a bag with enough padding and when you place it on a table or any other surface, then put it gently to avoid any problem in its battery. Use battery wisely: Sometime people charge their laptop battery and then they unplug the charger and they do not plug it back unless the battery is almost drained. In a normal situation, it is ok, but if you are doing it on regular mode, then it is not good because laptop batteries come with a maximum life cycle of charging and discharging. That means if your Dell battery comes with 500 charging cycles, then after discharging it for 500 times it will become useless for you. So, disconnect your power adapter from laptop only when you need to disconnect it and use the battery.For more information about Dell battery and adapter,please go to

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