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How to Take Care of Your Dell Latitude E6500 Battery and Adapter?

For your laptop to last long, you need to take good care of its parts, especially: Dell Latitude E6500 Battery. When purchasing a laptop, one of the main features considered is its durability. This would account for both the laptop and its parts such as the adapter and battery.

Tips on how to care for your Latitude E6500 Battery and Latitude E6500 adapter

Ensure that your battery is charged fully when you are going for a trip or working for long hours. Dell E6500 is approximated life is 19 hours. For you to enjoy all the working hours given, your battery needs full charge. You should again avoid overcharging it, always ensure that you unplug it way from the power source immediately it’s full. Like any other electronic device when Dell E6500 Battery is overcharged it overheats and damages.

As soon as your battery for Dell Latitude E6500 is fully charged, tie the adapter wire loosely. This is rarely done by many of laptop users as they tend to tie the adapter immediately after use. When done severally, the user might end up cutting off the wire connections to the body of the adapter.

When not in use, the E6500 adapter should be kept in a secure place, away from children. Avoid also areas commonly used by people in the house when moving around the house. Having any weight press the adapter, you will be exposing it to shorter life, especially the box part of the charger. This part is very sensitive especially when under use. Because of the heat that passes through it, when pressed its inside parts will be affecting hence jeopardizing its performance.

Taking good care of Dell E6500 adapter and battery does not imply to not using it. In fact, this is risky to the battery working time. If you keep the battery dormant for a long time, you might end up killing it while in the store. Lengthy time without usage causes the surface area for the anode and cathode cells to reduce resulting to lower ion exchange.

There are numerous benefits of taking good care of Dell battery and adapter. For example, you if the battery is in good condition, you can save electricity by letting the battery do its work. As soon as E6500 battery is fully charged, unplug it from the power source and allow it to cool down this will definitely assure you that it will serve for longer period of time and in more efficient manner.

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