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A Review of the Asus Eee PC 1001PX AC Adapter

The charger for Asus Eee 1001 PX is meant to be used for the Asus Eee 1001 PX AC laptop model. It is equipped with comprehensive internal safety features which filter surges or input line voltage spikes and also limit output voltage or current in order to protect the laptop from any electrical hazards. The charger also has high power efficiency that enables it to provide consistent as well as continuous power for the laptop even when there is a power blackout.

Tips for Choosing an Asus Eee 1001 PX AC Adapter

It is very important to choose the right adapter for your laptop. One of the things you should do when looking for a replacement for your Asus Eee 1001 PX AC adapter is to make sure that its output volt is the same as that marked on the original adapter. Do not choose one whose voltage is too high or too low that the original one since it may end up burning your laptop. Also make sure that the output current of the replacement adapter is not lower than that of the original adapter. If your laptop always works with high load, you can choose an AC adapter that has got the same output voltage as the original adapter and higher output current.

Benefits of Having Asus Eee 1001 PX power supply

Having the power supply for your Asus Eee 1001 PX AC laptop will be beneficial not only when your laptop breaks down or fails to work, but also for convenience. Having a spare Asus Eee 1001 PX power supply will be very convenient especially if you are the kind of person who always takes your laptop between home and office, school or any other place you may be going to. You can use the laptop for long without worrying about running out of power.

Advantages of Asus Eee 1001 PX AC Adapter

Durability – the adapter features a ruggedized case that can withstand very harsh mobile environments. It also has a tight sealing that protects it against moisture as well as humidity.

Safety – the adapter meets all requirements set by the federal communications commission (FCC). It will not be hazardous to your laptop.

Cost effectiveness – the cost of a brand Asus Eee 1001 PX adapter replacement is quite lower.

Warranty – the adapter comes with a 12 months warranty, so you can take it back to the manufacturer or supplier for replacement if it malfunctions.

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