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Guide to Making an HP Pavilion DV3700 Charger Purchase

Laptops are by the day becoming a necessity for many people to work. As a matter of fact, I recently got myself an HP Pavilion DV3700. And I must say, it has helped in my work as well as provided me with entertainment anytime I want. Regardless of being in the park, coffee shop or camping. However, I recently found the need to get another HP Pavilion DV3700 charger, thought it would be a walk in the park. Shock on me. There is a lot more to it that just waltzing into a shop and making a purchase. So I decided to research and share my findings to help those who may find themselves in the same problem due to their laptop adapters malfunctioning or just since they want to have a backup.

The don’ts while making a purchase

When looking for an HP Pavilion DV3700 AC adapter, I was tempted to choose a universal power charger. Well, as after some research there some things that stood out that make this a bad idea. They are not essentially wrong choice but it is what they do not provide that makes them a wrong choice. While they are made to be compatible with many different models of laptops, they are fall short in the specifics, which really matter if your laptop battery is to serve you for a long while.

Also do not choose cheap HP Pavilion DV3700 adapter as they tend to be faulty and do not last long. In addition you will want to stick to the make and model of your laptop to ensure that the adapter is compatible.

What to consider

The first thing that you should realize is that there are different connector types for different laptops. The connector types include:

  •      Molex connectors
  •      Cylindrical connectors
  •      Snap and lock connectors

To ensure you get the right connector tip, take down the model number of your laptop so that you make a specific purchase.

In addition, you should check o the voltage requirements of the laptop that you have. Different adapters come with different voltages, purchasing one with a higher voltage that that of your laptop can cause major damage. You should therefore check your laptop for the voltage it is built for.

HP Pavilion DV3700 power supply

Given the fact that I travel a lot to places where there power is not available, I require my laptop to store its power for a longer time. To help me solve this issue I discovered that power supplies can be upgraded to help your laptop store power for longer times, provided your battery is in good condition. Many make upgrades o the RAM, hard disks and graphics card and totally ignore this component. Consider making the upgrade and you will marvel at the results you will get.

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