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Sony VGP-AC16V13 AC Adapter – One of the Most Important Accessories

The Sony VGP-AC16V13 charger is one of the most important accessories or component for your Sony laptop as it is required to charge the device for maximum usage and mobility. A fully charged battery allow you to work for long hours without worrying about any power failure or getting your laptop connected to the external power source. Your laptop requires a Direct Current (DC) to operate. On the other hand, the adapter that ships along with your laptop is an AC adapter and when connected to the power outlet, it converts Alternating current to direct current.

The Sony VGP-AC16V13 charger is specifically designed for the Sony VAIO Duo 11 laptop. Sporting a compact design, this adapter is suitable for mobile users who wish to work without any hindrance of wires. In addition, this adapter weighs 181 g, allowing you to easily store it in your travel bag and carry away easily. With a power consumption capacity of 0.3 W or less, this adapter proves to be a highly energy efficient device.

This Sony VGP-AC16V13 power supply can also be used to power your laptop when you are at home or near an external power outlet. This adapter delivers output voltage of 10.5 VDC at 4.3 A and supports input voltage of 100 to 240 VAC.

You can get this spare Sony VGP-AC16V13 AC Adapter and keep one at home and one in office to avoid the burden of carrying the charger everyday without fail. This will ensure that you stay connected even if you forget the charger at home or office. Moreover, these adapters are often used aggressively and carelessly that may lead to quick damage. To avoid any obstruction or delay in your work, it is advisable to have an additional charger for your laptop that will keep you moving.

This Sony VGP-AC16V13 AC Adapter is required in case your laptop runs out of battery and you need to meet your deadlines and you are unable to complete the task on time then you may fear of losing an important project. Just like any other component of your laptop, adapters can fail to work without any prior warnings. There can be scenarios, where your Sony charger fails to function due to some damage or fault such as stripped cable or broken case. In such cases, having an alternative or spare charger can help you from escaping such situations and complete the given task on time.

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