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Dell Inspiron 1521 AC Adapter Maintenance Tips

The Dell Inspiron 1521 AC Adapter is a very important laptop accessory especially if the battery of your laptop is being drained or it is low. Therefore, proper maintenance and use should be observed all the time to keep this device in perfect working conditions. You do not want to have a charger or an adapter that is not functioning as it will lead to unproductive as well as unfinished work if your laptop does not have power. Here are some of the practical tips on taking care as well as using your laptop adapter and charger correctly:

1. In case your adapter is not functioning, you should first check if the outlet of the Dell Inspiron 1521 charger is live before performing serious troubleshooting on it. This will save you effort and time as well as prevent unnecessary repair that might be costly.

2. Use the right adapter model for your laptop.Do not use other models of adapter on your laptop and also avoid using your laptop adapter on other devices even if the voltage is the same as the current may be different.

3. When connecting the charger to your laptop, first connect the metal tip to the power jack of your laptop before connecting the plug to the power outlet.

4. Always store the laptop adapter and Dell Inspiron 1521 Adapter in a dry room with cool temperatures. Similar to other electronic devices, high temperatures can damage adapters.

5. Avoid leaving the adapter connected to your laptop for a long period. When the laptop’s battery gets full, remove the cord from the laptop’s jack point slowly.

6. Do not knock or shake the adapter. Handling it wrongly will break the circuit boards and other internal parts

7. Always put your adapter in a place where it cannot fall and away from children. In addition, avoid falling it to prevent damage

8. When using the adapter, always prevent the adapter’s metal tip from coming into contact with other metallic objects. This can lead to short-circuiting. Connecting a short-circuited charger to your laptop will damage it.

9. Avoid placing the Dell Inspiron 1521 power supply next to an air conditioner to prevent it from getting moistened.

10. Never pull the adapter’s cord from the laptop or from power outlet. The wire will get loosened or slashed. Also, avoid wrapping the cord around the adapter as it may lead to cable failure and kinks.

Apart from saving your money from buying a new adapter, keeping the adapter in perfect condition will also keep the value and good performance of your Dell Inspiron 1521 for a longer period.

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