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How to Choose the Best Internet TV Box?

media streamer is a network connected device that can play media from a home network or hard drive and can also stream the content from the internet. In general, the media that you play music, images or videos are stored outside the media player and this device will play the file from its source wirelessly. This means that you can stream from online sites such as YouTube, Amazon and Hulu or you can connect to your home network that consist of a computer, tablet, hard drive or the media server.

Media streamers come in different quality and sizes and each person has their own preference. It is therefore important to know the features to look for when choosing an Internet TV box. These features to consider include:


It may sound elementary but the connectivity comes first. Without good connectivity, there will be little hope of transmitting video successfully from the streaming device to the TV. Most video streamers in the market include HDMI connectivity. Some models have audio connections and component connections. You will also find a range of models that enable wireless video streaming.

Being able to support different file formats is also very important. This is because there are so many video file formats and codes. Therefore, choose a media streamer that is able to handle the most popular video formats. This is the best way to make sure that your video library is supported.

The network support that is included in the Home Audio Accessories of your choice is also very important. Network support is quite different from connectivity. A good media streamer has an Ethernet port to enable you connect to the network. The media streamers in the market today also provide a wireless network support to give users hands-free operation.


Choose a media streamer that is easy to use and navigate with a natural interface. The media streamer should also have a user friendly and customizable navigation bars and menus. Also, ensure that the remote of the media streamer you choose responds easily. You do not want a remote control that fails to change a video when you want to. An easy network set-up is also important.

You may also consider choosing a NewNow media streamer that supports popular online services and subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix. The unit should also provide content availability for the online sites

Availability of on demand movie subscription sites is an added advantage.

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