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A Brief Introduction about an HP Pavilion DV3500 AC Adapter

It is an AC to dc converter. This is a portable device which converts the ac voltage in a range of 100v to 240V to 19V. This is used in laptops as an HP Pavilion DV3500 AC Adapter. This is portable electronic equipment. This is cylindrical in shape. This is used all over the world for all HP Pavilion users. This includes a series of chargers which are meant for different purposes.

The features of the product

1. The input and output specification

This power supply device comes with auto ranging power supply which makes it usable for most of the laptops of HP Pavilion series. This charger gives an output voltage of 19 v, current of 4.74 A, and power of 90 W from an input of 100 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 Hz frequency supply.

2. One HP Pavilion DV3500 Charger and one power cord for all its models

This model of charger is termed as universal adapter since it can be used for the different HP Pavilion series laptops pertaining to specific series. This product comes with three prong output.

3. Original equipment Manufacturer compatibility

This has no issue with OEM compatibility.

4. Long warranty

This adapter comes with warranty of 12 months. If your charger gets damaged within 12 months you are going to get a replacement

5. Built in surge protection

Power fluctuation is a common phenomenon in many places in the world. This has inbuilt surge protection technique which makes you free from the worries of power fluctuation and unwanted surge.

6. You can charge a second device by using this HP Pavilion DV3500 power supply

This adapter has got built in USB which makes it usable for charging a second device while charging your laptop.

7. Thin, cylindrical shape gives an added advantage

This charger is very small in shape. It can be carried to anywhere while travelling without having any problems.

Most of the time charger gets out of order while in use. This charger can be a very good replacement for the damaged chargers of your laptop.

8. This is available with a very minimum price in comparison to other ones.

The brand always matters when it is about quality in first place. This charger has not been tested whether this is compatible with laptops of other brands or not as HP doesn't allow this. Since this is a kind of universal HP charger for a lot of HP laptops belong to certain series, you can try this charger for charging laptops of other brands having the same port hole as that of the HP Pavilion series laptops.

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