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How to Make Your Acer Aspire 5251 Battery and Adapter Last Longer?

If you have been in the same situation that I have been in, then you know that having your Acer Aspire 5251 battery act up is among the most annoying and frustrating things that one can come across. However, given how cheeky buying a replacement battery can be, I would think it is best that you milk the one you have in the best way possible by helping your battery live out its life to the maximum to allow it serve you longer. Here are some helpful tips in that light.


Cut back on the tasks

At some point you have heard among the best advantages of a computer is that it can multitask. While this may sound attractive, the more applications you run on the background, the higher the drain they have on the battery.


It is better to close down background processes to ensure the best power consumption and preservation of your battery for Acer Aspire 5251 and it is also advisable that if there are some applications that you will need frequently, you leave them open in the background as opposed to running them from the hard drive every time.


Simple applications, low battery consumption, longer battery life.

Applications like Microsoft word, games or movie watching are very intensive on the memory, processing power and more so the battery. Instead of having to run apps like MS word, you could make use of those that serve the same function but are merciful on your battery like text editor.


Be economic

Come to think of it, there are some applications and features that are constantly running on our laptops that we rarely use but play a big role in making the Acer battery useless faster. By cutting back on these features or doing away with them when not in need, we can save more.


Some of these features include reducing the brightness of your screen, switching off the Wi-Fi when not in use and also the Bluetooth feature.



Well, Li-ion batteries are clever so to say. They can never be overcharged. However, leaving your computer plugged to the mains for long hours could have a degrading effect to your Acer Battery not to mention that it might lead to your adapter getting damaged.


If you intend to use your laptop on battery power, let the Acer Aspire 5251 adapter to 100%. In the case of some Lenovo and Sony computers, there is a feature that is dedicated to protecting your battery so it never charges to 100%. You have to delete that first.


If you follow these tips faithfully, you can be able to differ having to buy a replacement battery for up to 2 years while getting the best use possible.



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