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Understanding the Sony PCGA-AC16V AC Adapter

Laptops keep their own supply of power in a rechargeable battery. After being used for sometimes, the power in the battery also runs out hence the need to recharge it. Sony PCGA-AC16V AC adapter is used to recharge the batteries. They are plugged into wall outlets in one end while the other end is connected to the device being charged. There are different models of laptops in the market. Each brand uses its own type of adapter for charging purposes. The charger is normally bought together with the laptop. However, there comes a time when one needs to replace an old one with a new one. It is therefore advisable that you know the model number, voltage and current ratings of the adapter you require.

Types of adapters

There exist two main types of Sony PCGA-AC16V charger in the market. They are the AC adapters and the DC adapters. The adapters are popularly known as the chargers and they help in converting electricity from outlet plugs into the form that can be used by your laptop.

AC Adapter

Laptops use DC current just like most small appliances. These kinds of chargers convert the AC power from the outlet sockets to DC power that is usable in a laptop. An example of this type of adapter is the Sony PCGA-AC16V AC charger has an input of 100-200v and an output of 8.4V; 1.5A. This adapter is a high quality, low cost charger. It can be used to charge a battery when the laptop is working or when it is not being used. Sony PCGA-AC16V power supply is specifically used in Sony devices.

DC Adapter

DC adapters are normally used to convert direct current to a higher voltage that can be used by laptops. This is because most DC sources provide voltage that is too low to be used for charging purposes. These adapters are used with power sources such as cars, solar panels and in flight outlets.

Apart from the DC and AC adapters, universal adapters are also in existence in the market. These adapters can be used both in a DC and AC power source.

Selecting a Power Adapter for your Laptop

When selecting a charger to use, there are important considerations that you should have in mind. You should;

  • Know the laptop model number
  • Know the power requirement for the laptop
  • Choose a compatible Sony adapter
  • Ensure that the adapter can plug in the laptop

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