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How to Take Care of Your Dell Latitude D500 Laptop Battery?

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Dell Latitude D500 laptop battery is considered to be one of the best brands of newly released batteries. It is being sold almost anywhere online for an affordable price.


Consumers just have to be careful in avoiding purchasing imitation batter for Dell Latitude D500 since there are many laptop batteries out there that are being faked.


Dell laptop users no longer need to worry once their laptop battery breaks down; there are now numerous replacements that are being sold online.


These products have already been tested and tried for numerous Dell laptops.


Some online shopping sites offer this battery with a 30% to 50% discount depending on the season. These batteries are also sold together with a Dell adapter.


How to extend the life of your battery for Dell Latitude D500?

Most laptop batteries will arrive in a discharged condition and must be charged before using, if using the battery for the first time makes sure to check the computer manual for charging instruction in order to avoid destroying the Dell Latitude D500 laptop battery.


A Dell D500 battery will usually require three charges or discharge cycles before achieving the maximum capacity.


During the first use of this battery, within just 15 minutes of charging it will already state that the battery is already full. There is no need to panic because this is a normal reaction of a standard laptop battery.


In order to be able to charge the battery completely, remove it from the computer and then repeat the charging procedure.


What to take note of?

It is important to make sure that the Dell Latitude D500 batteryis charged every two to three weeks in full. Failure to do this can result to the shortening of the battery’s life; however this does not usually apply to most Li-Ion types of laptop batteries because they will no longer require conditioning.


How to discharge?

Simply maximize the use of the laptop until it switches off on its own, it will usually provide a signal warning before shutting down.


Remember that if the laptop will not be used for a long time, make sure to remove it from the device and keep it in a cool and dry place to protect it from damage.


Always make sure to keep the battery cool, avoid putting the laptop in extreme temperatures because it will die faster if it is put into areas that are either too hot or too cold.


The battery must always be stored in room temperature to prolong its life.



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