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How to Identify a Genuine Samsung R440 Charger?

When replacing Samsung R440 AC chargers good to ensure you make correct replacement and you should certify that you are buying original charger. Though generic chargers are cheap and readily available, they are also very harmful to your computer and your pocket. Undoubtedly, generic charger spoil easily even if there is no flaws with connections or power. This means that you will need to keep buying chargers now and then. To avoid search things, you need to get original charger. Generic charger is also likely to spoil laptop. Their power output is at times higher or lower than the recommended Samsung R440 input. This will damage the charging system of your computer and ultimately the ACs will be blown, this will be fatal loss.


To avoid such awful situation, ensure every time you go to replace you buy original Samsung R440 power supply. But determining if a charger is original is never a joke. It requires you to take time and make look at some details and also some sought of comparison. Don’t be cheated anymore, this is the guideline that will help you to know if charger is original.


In most cases, if you buy Samsung charger from a reputable retailer, you will get a listing saying ‘ORIGINAL’. Though this may one of the good way to identify original charger, you also need to go an extra mile since not all retailers can be trusted. You actually need to know how you can identify original charger through picture or by looking at it in person.


One sure way to identify original Samsung charger is looking at the charger that came with laptop. Look at model number, part numbers and any other information that will help you identify genuine laptop charger. You need to compare to the model that you are considering buying and make sure they match. You can also look at laser security features and other water mark features that are on Samsung R440 adapter. You also need to look at the manufacturer’s information where charger was made and other printed information to ensure they match.


You can also know genuine Samsung adapter by the colors. Look at the color of the adapter, the labels and stickers, and also printing may be little off when you keenly observe. You must be keen. Price also can help you to identify original charger. Price of original charger will be little bit higher.


If after looking all those feature you have not verified original Samsung R440 AC adapter, you can contact Samsung with adapter’s P/N.


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