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Essential Information on an HP 463953-001 Power Supply

HP 463953-001 Power Supply and adapter have distinct features that make them efficient Adapters to use on your Laptop. All new Laptops come with their own Adapters that should last them the lifetime of the laptop but some fail to work and break down or even get lost or stolen. That is why a new, efficient working Laptop adapter should be sourced to avoid power shortages in the Laptop. The adapter is the means by which the laptop is charged, meaning that it is a fundamental part of the functionality of the Laptop. If an adapter fails to work or breaks it is best to keep it working efficiently by replacing the adapter.


The HP 463953-001 Adapter has various details which are very critical on which devices it can be used on.

It has an input Voltage of between 100V - 240V 50/60hz

It has an output Voltage of 18.5V

Its output Amperage is 6.5A

The plug size is 7.4mm x 5.0mm (hp Center Pin)

It also has power for laptops branded replacement adapter.


Replacing your power adapter/charger for your laptop enables easy operation and efficient working of the laptop, also avoiding the electrical faults that might be caused by worn out or inefficient adapters. Hp adapter enables you to operate your laptop and charge the battery from the electrical power outlet. The adapter charges the battery and maintains the charge when using AC power. When the laptop is off, the adapter charges the battery and consequently maintains its charge.


The HP 463953-001 charger is among the most effective power supply systems for laptops. It is 1.8 pounds in weight and measures 9.3 x 6.7 x 3.2 inches.


This power supply system has been devised for ultimate portability and it also matches today's notebook PCs being a second unit of reliable power source with its full compatibility to a wide range of laptops. Each model has a high-gloss, piano finish, elegant, worldwide safety, and it is very reliable even to exceeding the original manufacturers power specifications. The power supply is a multipurpose for office, home, cross-model use. It has a soft-case travel bag, a quick-release Velcro cable and a power tip holder. All hp power supply models come with a standard quality assurance program which provides a guaranteed, direct service and performance for a period of one year, with a lead free, Green Product environmental friendly status. This quality with input fuse protection and circuit protection reduces the power consumption once the maximum output of the HP laptop adapter is reached.


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