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A Quick Guide on How to Get a Genuine Replacement Sony VGP-AC19V53 AC Adapter

A time will always come when you will find yourself in need of finding a replacement Sony VGP-AC19V53 AC adapter long before you think of selling or giving away your Sony Vaio laptop. In most cases, this happens as a result of wear and tear of the adapter’s code, or as a result of circuit faults that end up short-circuiting your charger at the expense of your laptop. For a good reason though, it would be better to get the laptop charger spoilt from such faults rather than the motherboard or the power supply section of the laptop since a laptop charger replacement is far cheaper than repairing the mess made on the laptop itself.


However not many people find it easy choosing a genuine Sony VGP-AC19V53 charger for replacement and more often they get themselves with counterfeit pieces. The situation has actually deteriorated in the recent times with more companies mushrooming and branding their laptop chargers as “Replacement Adapters”, with very close resemblance to the genuine original chargers that respective laptops are assembled with. Without any doubts, this calls for adequate know-how on what you need to check for in a genuine charger and assessing its compatibility with your laptop.


One of the major features to look for in a Sony VGP-AC19V53 adapter is its power rating. This is the first thing that you should look for since it will determine how compatible the charger is to your laptop. You should check the voltage rating and the ampere output rating of the adapter, and compare the values indicated against the specification of your Sony Vaio laptop. This type of laptop needs a voltage rating of about 19 volts and an ampere output rating of about 3.9 ampere. At all times, you should ensure that your replacement charger for Sony VGP-AC19V53corresponds to this power rating since adapters with significant deviations from this rating may spoil your laptop’s battery or worse still interfere with the power consumption rate of your laptop.


You also need to ensure that the replacement Sony VGP-AC19V53 AC adapter has a genuine serial number and a manufacturer’s logo on the adapter itself and on the packaging box. Wherever possible, try to go for the types that are packaged in a box as this will give you an opportunity to cross-check the serial numbers written on the adapter and the manufacturer’s logo against the details on the packaging box.


Lastly, you should ensure that the pin size of your replacement Sony VGP-AC19V53 power supply fits perfectly well in the laptop’s adapter port. This is particularly important because loose contacts in the ports may be risky or may necessitate positioning your adapter at a certain angle to maintain contact between the adapter’s pin and the jack when charging your laptop.


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