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Getting the Right Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Charger

If your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 charger seems to be faulty or doesn’t seem not to charge your computer as well as it used to then it’s probably time you got a new one. You may have thought of using some other computers charger but this is ill advised. Doing so could damage your laptops battery permanently or also drastically reduce its life span. It may also void your computer’s warranty. Different laptops have different power ratings, some laptops are designed to take up a larger current while others are designed to work with lower currents. Manufactures advice that you should only stick to the type of charger supplied by the machine.


Before you go out searching for a Dell charger it is important to check the power requirements of your laptop. This is normally marked on the charger's label or on the bottom of the laptop. A Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook will probably require 30 watts and have an output of 19 volts and 1.58 amperes. Some vendors who may want to make a quick sale or get rid of some old stock may advice you to go for a charger with lower amperes. You should note that doing this is wrong. If you go for a charger with lower amperes then your laptop’s battery will take longer to charge that it normally would. The current defines how quickly the charger can recharge your laptop. Secondly, you should determine the type of cord you will using for the charger adapter. Most Dell adapters have a 3 Prong Clover Leaf connector.


There are many Dell Inspiron Mini 10 adapter chargers in the market, but you shouldn’t necessarily go for anything that you find. If the price seems too good to be true then probably you are buying something with very poor quality. A very poor quality charger will only last you a few weeks. Worse still, these chargers could probably damage your computer. Most poor quality chargers have a flimsy built and will often feel lighter than the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) charger. When it comes to buying Dell chargers, it is always important to go for genuine ones.


A genuine Dell adapter will most probably have the Dell logo embossed somewhere on the plastic. To be absolutely sure that you are not getting ripped off, always buy your accessories from a reputable Dell distributor. You can find reputable Dell distributors in your local area by visiting the Dell website.



Dell Inspiron Mini 10 charger

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