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Finding a Compatible Dell PA-3E AC Adapter for Your Laptop

Laptops went from being a luxury to an absolute necessity. They work well if they're essentials are also in good condition. The Dell PA-3E laptop battery was designed to be charged at a certain ampere and voltage. This helps to maximize the life of the battery and any changes in the ampere or the voltage could permanently damage the battery if not reduce its life. Most of the time, people go for the wrong Dell PA-3E AC adapter because they are in a hurry to bring their computer back to life. Not only can incompatible laptop chargers harm the computer, but the following can also happen:


1. It may have a lower voltage

When your laptop adapter has a low voltage, chances are that it will overheat. For instance, if you get an 80 watt adapter for your 100 watt Dell battery it is likely to get overheated. This could be the reason why when you are charging your laptop you smell burning plastic. This is an indicator that you should remove the charger from the DC socket before any significant damage can occur.


2. Even when you use it temporarily it can cause damage

Most people buy incompatible Dell PA-3E charger with the intention of using them for a short period of time while they look for a compatible one. People that have used the incompatible chargers complain that the battery drains out quicker than before even when they replace the charger later on with a compatible one. The battery life considerably goes down especially when you use an incompatible charger. It is therefore best not to use makeshift arrangements for charging your Dell laptop battery if you hope to preserve its life.


3. Your mother board may become damaged

An incompatible laptop charger can cause electrical damage to your mother board. This mostly happens when you use universal chargers or duplicate ones.


4. Cheap is always expensive

Many people go for the low quality Dell PA-3E power supply because they are cheaper. However, in the long run, the high quality and expensive chargers are cheaper to use than the fake ones. This is because you will end up spending hundreds of dollars replacing parts that were damaged on your computer by the faulty charger. Sometimes the damage might be so severe that you may end up purchasing another Dell laptop. You could have saved yourself the trouble by purchasing an original, compatible Dell Pavilion DM3 adapter.


5. It may be dangerous to you

Laptop adapters that are of low quality might not have any insulation or may have faulty insulation that fails when subjected to temperature changes. In addition, it may have loose connections which can eventually lead to electrocutions or delivery of fatal shocks.


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