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What About an HP Mini 1000 Battery and Adapter?

HP Mini 1000: What about its battery and adapter

Contrary to the belief of many that they are two different devices, the HP Mini 1000 AC adapter and HP Mini 1000 charger is a single device that is being used to charge the battery of the netbook, which in this article is the HP Mini 1000, while you are using it (though you can charge the battery of the laptop while it’s not in use) and sometime, for simplicity, people just call it HP Mini 1000 adapter. Now, let us talk about the model of the charger or adapter (it will be called charger all throughout the article for simplicity), how to take good care of it and other stuffs that concerns about it.


HP Mini 1000 charger converts the power from electricity outlets into 30- watt AC power. Some of the people are misled that number of watt that is required depends on the device. Yes yet no. All units of HP Mini 1000 require the same number of watt and use chargers with pre- set watt- power converter unless you have a universal charger. But for your safety and your netbook, use only the charger that is approved by the manufacturer. Also, to lengthen the working life of your charger, avoid it to fall to the ground or to any hard object from a high place. Some of the delicate parts inside may crack and will result into charger malfunction.


If you have a charger, obviously, you have something to charge on. And since we are talking about HP Mini 1000, we will also talk about its battery.


The HP mini 1000 battery varies. There is 3- cell battery that provides your netbook power for about 3 hours or so depending on the software you are using. This battery usually the one that comes with the netbook. But if you need a longer power supply, you can avail a separate 6- cell battery which in return, supplies you 6 hours or so of power depending, again, on the software you are using. Another advantage of buying the 6- cell battery of HP Mini 1000 is that is has some sort of bottom extension. This raises you netbook comfortably when the battery is installed. However, this battery is thicker and thus, heavier than that of 3- cell. Whatever the type of battery you choose for your HP Mini 1000, the cell type is Li- ion, short for Lithium- Ion. This kind of battery is more lightweight and eco- friendly than other cell types like nickel- metal hybrid and lead- acid.



HP Mini 1000 AC adapter

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