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How to Take Care of Your Dell Latitude D800 AC Adapter?

Dell Latitude D800 AC Adapter has a black glossy finishing hence following the rule of typically all the other adapters in the market. However, its usage has shown a varying trend as it is powered by purpose and driven by passion. With an input AC (Alternating Current) of 100-240 Voltage, a power of 90 Watts, an Output Direct Current of 19.5 V and 4.62A (amperes) the Dell Latitude AC Adapter will definitely give you a value far beyond your money.


Dell Latitude D800 Charger

On the other end, its Dell Latitude D800 Charger features a central pin inside and the cable is fairly longer (about 3 metre) and hence supporting far distant working and charging. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Dell Latitude has been able to run over 1,000,000 users since its first year of inception only pausing for a whooping reputation across all ends. What is more, the power cord comes with a three wire plug and at only $10.25; it is surely an inexpensive replacement for your Dell Latitude D800 charger. According to top sources and reviews, the quality of the Dell Latitude D800 Charger is great on the reinforcement and installation to where it attaches to the battery. And while this is a reliable addition to the Battery, there are comments that extensive usage and little maintenance can possibly result to an overheat and possibly, a burn.


Dell Latitude D800 Adapter

Virtually all laptop adapters come with 12 months warranty, and the Adapter is not an exception. With a 12 months replacement warranty, you will get to taste its usage in terms of hours and working capability of your laptop while at the same time comparing the model with similar others in the market. The pin diameter is well fixed with a rubber and hence adheres quickly in the laptop’s pin. The benefit this brings is that you don’t have to suffer unnecessary unplugging from your laptop.


The Unmatched Beauty of Dell Latitude D800 power supply

AC power adapter, according to user reviews, will definitely work in line with your wildest expectations upon close maintenance. And this fact is for typically all adapters, the only thing that puts the Dell Latitude charger and its adapter off the shelf is the fact that Dell has managed to grapple with the issue of self-reliance and now offers them at a fairly inexpensive cost. Also, the two are compatible with Dell PA and Dell 5U092 although further research and inquiry is advisable.


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