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How to Enjoy the Best Out of Dell Latitude D600?

The Dell Latitude D600 is a small but quite functional and useful laptop. It's a thin and fairly light laptop suitable to use almost anywhere. This is a handy and very beautiful laptop, suitable for both domestic and commercial purpose. It is powered by a 65-watt AC power cable that plugs into the side of the computer. Its Dell Latitude D600 adapter and overall PC performances are okay considering the year it was manufactured, 2003. Though, in the last few years, Dell Latitude D600 laptop has witness series of upgrade and improvements, but all the series, so far, have been very impressive.


However, there is one aspect of this laptop that seems to be disappointing to most of its user, and this battery. The battery of this laptop is a bit of a disappointment. Though made with the use of cutting edge technology; The Dell Latitude battery is Lithium ion 6 cells, with voltage at paltry 11.1 V and capacity of 4700 mAh. However, there are replacements up to 5200 mAh, but this hardly has any effects on the battery life, as it slightly increases its longevity. This situation simply means that most users of the laptop will always avoid recharging their battery constantly. This is one of the greatest downside of Dell Latitude D600.


Thankfully, there is a ways out of this situation, as research and study have revealed the secret of enhancing the durability of a Dell Latitude D600 battery. With this, users will be able use and enjoy their battery for as long as they wish, while at the same time, have their PC working at optimum level. There are some important tips that can help improve the working condition of your dell latitude battery and allow it to last longer then usual. First, when you are purchasing your PC, always ensure that it is the genuine and original battery direct from manufacture that came with it. This should not be a strange news, as original batteries usually last longer that refurbished / used ones. This is due to a simple fact: while refurbished batteries have been used and even died at some point in their lives, original batteries are purely nee breed, fresh from the manufacturing plant. All accessories use to assemble the pack are new and can work optimally for a relatively long time.


In addition to this, you should also make sure that your new battery is matching with current tools. Confirm the authenticity of the Dell Latitude D600 charger and ensure they are genuine and not counterfeit replacements. If, however, you are buying a compatible battery then you need to check for the voltage rating and input and output details of particular adapter or battery so you can get the best result from your new battery or adapter. Furthermore, whenever, you are using your PC, always strive to do your best to take good care of it and that of the battery. Never place your PC on warm, hard or rocky surface. This can reduce the efficiency of the battery and possibly damage it. Do not allow always allow your battery to fall below 10% before recharging and always store your PC in a cool , dry place free of dust and dirt’s. All these will help to prolong it life and allow you enjoy the best of your PC.

Dell Latitude D600 battery

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