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Things You Need To Know About the Dell PA-17 Adapter and Other Accessories

Whoever came up with the idea of laptops and their accessories such as the charger for Dell PA-17 and adapter as an example did everybody a great favor. While laptops are very convenient, they still rely on power at some point, and one of the most vital accessories for laptops is the laptop’s link to the power supply, the charger, and adapter. Here is a look at Dell PA-17charger and adapters.


The Dell PA-17 AC adapter is compatible with other dell laptops including the Dell Inspiron, the Dell Latitude, the Dell VOSTRO, the Dell Studio XPS, the Dell XPS and the Dell Studio. The original adapter has an AC input of between 100 to 240 volts and a DC output of 19.5 volts and 90 watts, but there are many more replacement adapters with the same specifications but varying watts. Most replacement adapters have a 65 watts capacity.


Unlike the former, the Dell PA-17 AC adapter does not have specifications for AC input. It is however also compatible with most of the Dell laptop family members, some of which include the Dell Studio, the Dell XPS and the Dell Inspiron. It has an output similar to the AC adapter, which is between 100 to 240 volts and 90 watts. Replacement adapters come with a 65 watts capacity, which makes charging the laptops a bit slower. It however lasts longer if taken care of properly.


To most people, the Dell PA-17 charger is the most vital part of the laptop, but it would not work without the support of the adapter, would it? The Dell PA-17 power supply is compatible with many other Dell laptops as well as adapters. The original charger comes with a standard input connector, which is the three pin, AC of between 100 to 240 volts and 50 to 50 Hz and DC of 19.5 volts. It is also electromagnet compatible, has an over charge protection as well as a short circuit protection and a working temperature of between 00 and 350C. It is also compatible with many other Dell laptops.


All these accessories are necessary for power flow to your Dell PA-17 laptop, all they need to work optimally, and last long is proper maintenance. For instance, the charger should be kept away from dirt and water to avoid bringing harm to your computer too and the Dell adapter should be always handled with care since it may develop technical problems if it falls too many times.

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