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How to Buy a Compatible Dell Inspiron 1318 AC Adapter at an Affordable Price?

Few days back my Dell Inspiron 1318 AC adapter got some problem and it stopped charging my laptop so I decide to buy a new adapter for my laptop. When I checked the price of a new adapter for my old 1318 laptop, I found it was too much and I was not willing to invest that amount for my old laptop. Although, I have one more new laptop and a desktop that I use for a number of high processing work, but if I need to do some simple work like browsing or email and my other devices are busy, then I love to use my old laptop that’s why it was important s well for me to buy a new adapter for old laptop.


Well, I had no option but to buy a new Dell Inspiron 1318 power supply so I did some research on the internet with a hope that I will get the adapter at a discounted price. With this research I not only got the discount, but I also learnt about compatible Dell adapter that was as cheap as half of the branded adapters price and seller was promising that it will work with my laptop just like my original dell adapter work. I was not sure if I should go ahead for this or not, so I decided to do some more research on this compatible adapter and with my research I found some very positive reviews about a variety of compatible adapters. These positive reviews gave me a hope and I decided to buy one for my old laptop as well.


At the time of buying of compatible Dell Inspiron 1318 charger, I was not very much sure about its performance or functionality, but then also I decided to give it a try and I am very happy that I bought it for my laptop. I got it few days back and since that time I found no problems in my compatible adapter or my laptop. Also, the build quality is very good and I paid less than half amount for this adapter compared to a branded one. So, if you need to buy 1318 AC adapter for your old laptop and you don’t want to invest a lot of money for it, then I would suggest you to buy a compatible Dell charger at very affordable price and save some good money.


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