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Review on a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 7458 and Its Accessories

If a brand needs to stay top in the sales of laptop, then there is a need for doing everything possible to make the customer satisfied for staying on the top of the list. The Thinkpad X200 is such an attempt from Lenov to make one among the top sellers of Laptops in the market, not to mention the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Laptop AC adapter. The new keyboard that offers good amount of precision along with audio of enhanced dolby quality are the various new features that are added to the laptop for making it stand in the market as an appealing product.



The lid of this laptop is fixed in a durable and comfortable manner with the finishing available with its soft touch body. The other attractions that are associated with this laptop include chrome hinges along with the insignias of Thinkpad and Lenovo placed at right and left corners of the laptop. Opening lid of the laptop is so easy and can be done along sliding latch. Inside the laptop, there is a possibility for finding the red trackpoint at the center associated with the keyboard of the laptop which is available in the island style. A black power button can be seen above the keyboard along with ThinkVantage button which is blue in color and also the volume controls. Below the keyboard, you can find the touchpad that is flanked with mouse buttons that are discrete. Finger print reader is the another feature that can be found on it on the right side of the touchpad of the laptop.


The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 battery that is available for this laptop is of 9 cells and the overall weight of the laptop is just 5.2 pounds. The laptop is of 13.1X9.1X1.2 inch and is a thin and light notebook available in the heavy side. The major advantage with this laptop is that it can be much suitable to accommodate in a small bag like the messenger bag.


Display & Audio

The 14 inch display that is available with the laptop is not much bright. This is a case that is much disappointing when compared to the previous model as it provides with much amount of brightness and higher resolution.



The Thinkpad X200 is a laptop that is designed for lasting for a longer period of time, so is Lenovo ThinkPad X200 charger. The plastic lid, the bottom that is reinforced with carbon along with roll cage in the interior can be helpful in protecting against the conditions of drops and shocks. The laptop is made more strong and stiff with the inclusion of carbon fiber in the laptop. The ThinkVantage Active is capable of stopping hard drive in case of the sensation of any change in the motion.


Touchpad and Keyboard

The keyboard that is available with the Thinkpad from Lenovo has a kind if precision keyboard with island style. The keys are smile shaped and matte black along with good amount of space for providing feedback that is springy and firm. The keyboard that is associated with this notebook is something better than AccuType layout that is available with the IdeaPad series.

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 charger:

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