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How to Protect a Compaq Presario C500 Adapter from Any Physical Damage?

Compaq Presario C500 adapter is well known for its strength and long lasting life, but then also few people complain that their adapter did not worked well and got damaged very quickly. In this complain I would not raise a finger toward the quality of Compaq adapter, but I would prefer to blame those people that use it brutally and do not carry the adapter with respect, gentleness and proper care. These people don’t even know how to carry a laptop adapter and how to avoid basic problems and they start complaining manufacture for poor build quality of Compaq Presario C500 charger.


Many of these people keep their Compaq Presario C500 charger in a bag as if they are putting an old, dirty t-shirt in a laundry bag. This is not the way to carry your laptop and you should properly fold it before keeping it in your bag. In this folding, make sure you loosely fold it in round shape because if you will fold it tightly it with strong edges, then you might end up losing your Compaq Presario C500 adapter but breaking its internal cables at those edges that you created by folding it.


Also many people just put their Compaq Presario C500 adapter, head phone for mobile or laptop, mobile chargers, All the USB cables and all other cable in a same compartment of laptop, assuming they are doing something good by keeping all cables together. However, the fact is that people should avoid this practice because in this situation all these cables get tangled with each other and when they try to separate the cables in hurry it damages the internal cables of AC adapter which is not recommended for longer life of Compaq adapter.


Therefore, it is suggested that people should keep Compaq adapter and all these cables in different compartments and if it is not possible to keep them in different compartment then they can fold all the cables and they can keep it in separate poly bags. This process will not only avoid the tangling of cables but it will also make sure that people don’t have to spend their time in separating the cables when they need it and it will save their time as well. Other than this, they should also avoid keeping any sharp object such as pencil sharpening blade, nail cuter, pocket knife or any other similar object with their Compaq adapter else it can damage the adapter.

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