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How to Take Care of an Acer Aspire 5745G Battery?

The Acer Aspire 5745G laptop battery is a Lithium-ion based chemistry with a capacity of 4400mAh and weighs 423.7g. It is black in colour with a voltage of 10.8V. The battery can store power for about four hours if well calibrated. The battery fits perfectly with: Acer Aspire 5517 series, Acer Aspire 5517-1502, Acer Aspire 5517-5661, Acer Aspire 5517-1208, Acer Aspire 3820T, Acer Aspire 5820TG, Acer Aspire Timelinex 3820T among others. The battery has a short-circuit breaker to prevent the overheating of the battery.


A new battery should be well calibrated to improve its power storage capability. Calibration not only enhances the performance of the battery but also extends its lifespan. In order to calibrate, first charge your battery for Acer Aspire 5745G fully for a minimum of twelve hours continuously. This condition enables the new battery attain maximum power storage capacity. Secondly, drain the battery fully by using the laptop without charging the battery. After the drain process, recharge the battery till it’s fully charged and allow a thirty minutes break and then switch your laptop on. From this stage henceforth, your Acer Aspire laptop battery is well calibrated and ready for use.


After calibration is done, always discharge your battery for Acer Aspire 5745G after every thirty charge cycles. This enhances the battery’s capacity and act as calibration for the battery.


Tips On How To Improve Your Laptop Battery

To enhance the performance of Acer Aspire 5745G battery and make it last for a long term, the following outlined methods are to be observed:

Always avoid recharging your battery when the charge is above 15%: Recharging your battery with a considerable charge ruins the battery cells .This is very dangerous and reduces the life of our battery.

Keep your battery at temperatures between ten degrees celcius and thirty five degree celcius. Avoid overheating the battery or keeping it under very low temperatures at all costs.

Defrag your hard disk to enhance the processing operations of your laptop: Defragging your hard disk fastens the processing processes thus consuming less power from your battery.

Always clean your dirty battery contacts with cotton dipped in alcohol. This enhances easy flow of power to the laptop and it presumably extends the life of your battery.


Proper Maintenance of Acer Adapter

Acer adapter should be well maintained since its failure leads to under-performing of he laptop. The adapter:

· Should not be connected to the power for long periods to avoid overheating or creation of a short circuit.

· The metal tip of the adapter should not be kept he in contact with metal objects to avoid creation of a short circuit which could damage your computer.

· Avoid pulling or overstretching of the cord as this could make it loose.


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