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Proper Tips on How to Maintain Your Dell Inspiron N5010 Battery

The Battery Inspiron N5010 is a Li-ion based chemistry type which is black in colour. It has a voltage of 11.1V,a capacity of 7800mAh and it weighs approximately 483g.It has a dimension of 214.31x57.71x43.30mm.The 11.I V,6 batteries and 9 cell types makes it store large power for a longer time. The battery’s run time expectancy is 3hours while multitasking but it can still stay for 4 to 5 hours run time. It also comes with a one year warranty. For safety purposes, the battery comes with an in-built circuit system that prevents overloading of current as well as short circuit issues.


Dell N5010 battery perfectly complements current demands since it is very versatile and compatible with other different Dell models. A Dell Inspiron N5010 battery is compatible with: Inspiron N5010R, Inspiron N5010D, Inspiron N5030R, Inspiron N5050, Inspiron N5110, Inspiron 5040, Inspiron N5040-2450B3D, Inspiron N5030D-168 and Dell Inspiron M501 series.


Battery Tips When Using It For The First Time.

Before using the battery for Dell Inspiron N5010, always read its maintenance and user manual parts very carefully. While using it for the very first time, charge for a long duration of about 12 hours since the new battery requires three to four times charge/discharge cycles before it attains a maximum power capacity. If you take a long time like three weeks before using the battery, always discharge it fully before recharging it and using it in your laptop. It’s advisable to switch the laptop power off when charging Dell Inspiron N5010 battery. Furthermore, you should not unplug the power half way while charging the battery to avoid creation of a short circuit. After recharging the battery, leave it for around thirty minutes before using the laptop. Lastly, keeping your battery away from contact with metal objects is a very safe way to avoid battery from creating a short circuit.


Ways Of Making Your Dell Inspiron N5010 Battery Last Longer.

The following is a thorough breakdown on how to prolong your battery’s life:

Set your power options: Keeping your laptop in sleep mode, hibernating, reducing screen resolution and diming the screen saves the battery’s power. By so doing, less power is consumed and this prolongs your battery’s life.


Cut down on External devices: Peripheral devices like mouse, track ball, iPod, speakers etc drain a lot of power from your battery. It’s always advisable to eject the when not in use to preserve your battery’s power since charging and discharging a battery every time shortens its lifespan.


Proper ventilation: Always place your laptop on hard surfaces which cannot prevent free air circulation. Avoid putting it on soft materials like blankets and cushions as this could lead to overheating of the battery and Dell Inspiron N5010 adapter.


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