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The Dell Laptop Battery CF623 Comprehensive Review

One of the major determining factors in every laptop’s quality is the battery like Dell Laptop Battery CF623. Laptop accessories give essence to the laptop, and as such, it is only fair to provide a comprehensive review of the Dell laptop battery and to be more specific, the Dell CF623 battery.


Every battery for Dell CF623 is known to generally have a respectable battery life, and the Dell CF623 battery is no exception. The common one is the 9 cell lithium ion battery with 11.1 voltage capacity. While performing normal tasks, for instance if the WI-Fi is turned on and other common applications, it can go for up to 3 hours and 14 minutes to 3 hours and 30 minutes. It is thus only fair to say you can push it to the limit of up to 4 hours if you are using basic applications and minimizing on power usage. It is also compatible with most of other Dell laptop computers.


The Dell battery may also come with other numbers of cells and for instance the Dell CF623 battery may come with 6 cell and even 12 cells. For the 6 cell lithium ion Dell CF623 battery, the user is guaranteed a battery life of about 2 hours to a maximum of 3 hours while performing common tasks. However, for the higher end 12 cell Dell lithium ion battery, users are guaranteed of a run time of 4 hours, of course depending on the tasks running.


The Dell battery, just like any other battery needs to be taken care of using the right Dell adapter to ensure it lasts longer. In addition to that, while under normal circumstances it can last for up to a2 months to 18 months and accommodate up to 500 recharge cycles, several measures can be taken to try to enhance this time. For instance, it should be taken out occasionally and cleaned to eliminate any dust particles that may hamper the flow of power. It also should not exceed a charge of below 10 percent, and should be fully charged when the need arises and when new. It is also good to use it only when the need arises, at other times it is best to rely on electric power. For safety, it has a built-in circuit protection that also offers stability.


Overall, the battery for Dell CF623, just like any other Dell laptop battery has a performance that can be safely classified as fair. There are so many reviews all over the internet about this type of laptop battery and it is therefore important to know the site to get your information from as well as buying, if you are planning to have one.

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